Friday, July 20, 2012

Two strong Ministries: David & Louise McCarthy. I would encourage everyone to hear David McCarthy when he ministers with the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship. His wife Louise McCarthy has a powerful testimony of deliverance from epilepsy. Go to to read it. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Hi Pastor Max....
Just additional information where to get the book "I Have Chosen Bezalel" by David P. McCarthy @ Holy Fire Publishing or your local Christian book & Music store.
Thanks....David McCarthy
We had a powerful move of God @ Gyro Park where I shared about the cross @ the FGBI annual BBQ outside meeting last Sunday.
I have had good responses on some of the (MSWM) pictures & testimonies  I have on face book. They go to thousands of people
I will share them with you as I get more........Thanks...David

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Subject: My books....... Eternity of the Eternities.......I Have Chosen Bezalel

The best way to get info. on my latest book is go on the web....Great Canadian Authors, David P. McCarthy.....
 I Have Chosen Bezalel, by David P. McCarthy (available through......Holy Fire Publishing or your local book & music store)