Monday, July 9, 2012

DEAN MILLEY'S MINISTRY has exploded with love & compassion since he arrived in Peru more than a decade ago. Think, In 1988 he was a raunchy perverted drug addict, alcoholic and liar on his way to commit suicide when he found his way to the POAN Pentecostal Conference and by God's grace and the Word of Knowledge I called him out of that huge crowd and cast the demons out of him. NOW, that is the GRACE of GOD in action.!!! - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Pastor Max today I am also celebrating 23 years with  Christ.  I remember that evening, 23 years ago when I  walked into that Tabernacle at the PAON Camp when you were  preaching and I will always remember and thank God for the  Amazing Deliverance I received.  

Since that night God has  done many great things in my life.  It's been over 10 years  now since I have been living in Peru ministering in  Missions.  It's been over 12 years since I answered the  call to missions and made my first trip to Guatemala, Central America.

Thank you, Pastor Max, for listening to the voice of God and   following Him in Ministry.  Because of that my Dad was  saved in 1967 under your ministry in Newfoundland and because of  that  on May 15, 1988 you were in Newfoundland and God  saved and delivered me from a perverted, sick life of sin.  God bless you and your Ministry, as you continue to minister for  Jesus Christ our Lord!   Blessings to you all today!    Love and prayers,  Dean and Ruth Milley