Thursday, July 19, 2012

God's Miracles Renew Our Desire to Seek Him More Earnestly in Prayer & Supplication. I do remember God performing this great miracle. We did carry Mary's wonderful miracle in the Cry of His Coming Magazine in the 1960s or 1970s. I will have to go the archives to retrieve it. Thanks be to our blessed Lord Jesus Christ and our Caring Heavenly Father for His love, mercy & grace! - Pastor Max Solbrekken


Her name was Mary Menc. She died a few years ago, but her hair 
remained dark and thick for several years after her healing. She was 
in the hospital in Hobbema, Alberta, and nearly died.

The doctors could not figure out, at first, what was ailing her. They said 
that they thought she had a rare tropical disease. How did she catch 
that in Alberta? They finally figured out that she was very low on 
Vitamin B, so they pumped her full of it and that fixed her, but most of 
her hair had fallen out when she was ill.

Mary went to one of Max's meetings, and got a front row seat, but she 

gave up her chair for an older person and sat on the floor instead. 
Max asked who had come expecting to see miracles. Mary put 
up her hand, so he had her come to the front to pray for her.

He put his hand on her head and was pumping against her head so 
vigorously that her wig was sliding around. She was absolutely terrified 
that her wig was going to come off in front of the natives, who would 
then laugh at her.

Mary was a missionary to the native reservations in Hobbema. 
Anyway, Max prayed that God would heal her from the top of 
her head to the soles of her feet. That was all that she could remember, 
because of her anxiety about her wig. 

Mary used to put her shoulder length wig on every morning before she 

got out of bed. One morning, a week after Max had prayed for her, one 
of her children asked her, "Is that your own hair or is that you wig?" 
Then she realized that she had forgotten to put her wig on that day. Her 
hair, which had been starting to turn grey before her illness, 
grew in thick, dark, and to her shoulders in only a week.

I never heard of Vitamin B shots doing that for anyone; if so, doctors would 
have people clamouring for them. We give the glory to God due to 
Max's prayer.

Conversation History

David McCarthy1:59pm Jul 18
This is David...I'm responding to the testimony from the secretary.....whose mother-in law was healed when Max Solbrekken
prayed for her & her hair came back in one week. I just spoke to Max and he would like to put that testimony in his magazine...What was her name? the whole story. you could email Pastor [email protected] David.... or just respond to me via face book