Friday, July 6, 2012

Barack Obama's First Executive Order: Hide My Personal Information From Everyone! WE SHOULD WONDER WHY, SHOULD'NT WE ??? Interesting, is it not? Scandalous, if true. Talk about intrigue, double speak, lies, lies and more lies. Corruption in HIGH places and LOW. Chicago, the most corrupt city in the USA with the Italian Mafia, Corrupt Black Politicians and the Polish Gangsters: What a witches brew and an amazing motley crew if this is really true...BUT who is willing to bring the culprit or culprits to justice?? WHO will DO that? And where are the WHISTLE BLOWERS? Just asking the obvious.!!! - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Ohio P.I. Says She Has Proof Obama Social Security Number Is Fraudulent
posted on July 6, 2012 by Da Tagliare

Susan Daniels has been a licensed private investigator since 1995.  During that time, she has investigated thousands of Social Security Numbers for clients and is very well versed in knowing what to look for.
In the interview below, Daniels explains she became suspicious of Barack Obama when his first executive order was to hide all of his personal information from everyone.  These actions would only be taken by someone with something to hide and it sure seemed obvious that Obama has a lot he wants to hide.

Daniels’ investigation turned up that not only is Obama’s Social Security Number a Connecticut number, but one that had to have been issued prior to the time Obama claims to have received it.  She has located the sequential numbers preceding and following Obama’s and his number is the only one that raises a red flag of doubt.  They were all issued in Connecticut between 1977 and 1979 and there is no evidence anywhere to indicate that Obama ever lived in the state at that time.

Her investigation has also led her to believe that the Social Security Number used by Obama was issued in March of 1977.  Additionally, she said that she found evidence indicating that Obama’s number had been previously issued to another person who was born in 1890 and lived in Connecticut during 1977 to 1979.

On Monday, July 2, Daniels filed a lawsuit in the Common Pleas Court in Geauga County, Ohio, requesting that Barack Obama’s name be removed from the November ballot unless the President can verify the authenticity of his Social Security Number.

One thing I found interesting in Daniels’ interview is her saying that everyone in politics and all of the judges know that Obama is ineligible to hold the office but are afraid to do anything about it.  But that prompts me ask what they are afraid of?  Are the people behind Obama so wealthy and so powerful that they have intimidated the entire American government and judicial system?  If they really did threaten the life of Chelsea Clinton four years ago to get Bill Clinton to shut up, have they threatened others as well?

If Daniels is right about all of the judges knowing but not willing to act upon that knowledge, then as much as I would like her lawsuit to succeed and see Obama’s name removed from the ballot in one of the key swing states, I doubt if any judge would have the guts to rule against Obama.