Monday, July 16, 2012

So much for the glorious Arab Spring that the naive Amateur Obama, Biden, Hillary & bankrupt Europeans promoted. It has become the Christian`s WINTER. They have unwittingly helped the Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood gain power. Now we have Muslim Fanatics speaking openly and aggressively for a world-wide Islamic Caliphate with brutal Sharia Law . Who is being hurt the most? Christians and Israel. How sad.!! NOW is the time for red-hot prayers in all the churches of the Christian West.!!! - Pastor Max Sollbrekken

by: Priyanka Boghani
Sunday, July 15, 2012

Egyptians deliver their feelings to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her weekend visit. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade was the target of protesters' shoes and tomatoes in the port city of Alexandria, according to Reuters.

Egyptian security officials said that protesters chanted, "Leave, Clinton," and "Monica, Monica," referring to former President Bill Clinton's affair.

CNN reported that the tomato-throwing happened as Clinton's motorcade was leaving the newly reopened U.S. Consulate in Alexandria. The vocal protests at the beginning of her visit forced the ceremony to be moved indoors, said CNN.