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Character Profile & References
From Gospel Ministers
Dr. Max Solbrekken, D.D.
Edmonton, A.B. Canada

Max Solbrekken is known as 'Canada's Missionary Evangelist'. Many call him 'The Apostle to the Poor'  because of his extensive ministry to the Nations of the Third World and his work among the orphans, poor and disadvantaged.
For more than 50 years, Max Solbrekken has girdled the globe sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with multitudes of poor, sick, fearful and needy people - on every continent.
At 30 years of age, Max resigned from a lucrative position with a food company in August 1963, and launched out into the Ministry of Jesus Christ. He began broadcasting over a number of radio stations in 1961 over the Solbrekken Revival Hour, personally funding the project.
In 1963, Max and Donna decided to move from Prince George to White Rock, BC. How God worked that out, was also miraculous.
Max says: "Two good Lutheran friends, retired carpenters living in Kelowna, offered to build us a new house  if we purchased  the lot and supplied the materials. Although we loved Kelowna, we refused their offer. A kind Baptist friend wanted to give us two acres near Mission City, B.C. but we said, "No thanks." 
"We felt led to move to White Rock. I was preaching at the Assembly of God in Kent, Washington in early December. Since there was a wedding at the church on Saturday, I drove to White Rock to see Pastor Fred Hunter, who had been searching for a three bedroom house for rent. There were none available.  
"Driving up Johnson Road, I saw Wolstencroft Realty flashing sign. The Holy Spirit nudged me to go in. It was 15 minutes to 5:00,  when I walked into the office. The manager approached me. I asked,"Do you have a 3 bedroom house for rent?" He asked, "What are you willing to pay?"  I answered, "Whatever, it is worth."  He asked,"One hundred dollars a month?" I answered, "Yes." He said, "Isn't that strange? We have not had a three bedroom house for rent for three months. A man whose house I have been trying to sell, walked in here half an hour ago and told me to put it up for rent. He is moving back to Prince George. He has bought a new car and will be back in 15 minutes to sign some papers." I asked, "What is his name?" He said, "Ernie James." I answered, 'This has to be God. Ernie is my friend who owns the Christian Bookstore in Prince George.' 
"We rented his house for three months and then made a deal to trade houses! Now wasn't that easy?" Hallelujah!
Early next spring, Max purchased an old army tent and trailer from Earl Vance, for $2,000.  Brother Casperson, a Norwegian fisherman from New Westminster, offered to pay for it. It was used for soul winning crusades in Surrey, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Large crowds attended and the crusades usually lasted two or three weeks, as God granted miracles, healing and many conversions to Christ.
In January 1965, Max & Donna together with Pastor Fred and Gladys Hunter conducted a powerful Gospel Crusade with Dr. Joseph Knapp of the Foursquare Church in Kingston Jamaica. Again, the Spirit of God moved in strong tent meetings in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Steinbach and Swan River, Manitoba.
In His unique way God opened the door in for Pastor Max to share the Pentecostal message to Steinbach, where only two families believed in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Amazing miracles happened and on the final week-end a thunderstorm took down the old tent. 
The next day they moved away the debris and set up the plywood folding pews for the final 2:30 service.
Rain was forecast for the entire province, but for a ten mile radius where the tent had been erected, there was not a drop of rain. The people were amazed as they saw the clouds part during Max Solbrekken's prayer. And the sun shone until the meeting was over. 
After the crusade Peter Enns, Sam Bilsky and Max Solbrekken  rented the basement of the Lutheran Church, and 89 people attended the FIRST service of the Full Gospel Church there. Today, there are several thousands who are Spirit filled in that community!
On October 26, 1969, Max & Donna and some friends established the Edmonton Revival Centre. Mighty revivals broke loose and in May 1981 they built and consecrated the beautiful New Faith Cathedral in Edmonton, Alberta. Hundreds of thousands across the globe have responded to Rev. Max Solbrekken's calls of salvation, healing and total consecration to Jesus Christ.
On October 26, 1991, Faith Cathedral was officially amalgamated with People's Church under the anointed leadership of Pastor Lawrence and Iris Hueppelsheuser
God was calling Pastor Max Solbrekken to the former Soviet Union. From 1989-1995, he was very involved in preaching the Gospel in Eastern Europe, via Gospel Crusades and through television.
God has seen fit to grant staggering miracles of healing in answer to Pastor Max's fervent prayers on behalf of the afflicted. In 1966, a 13 year old boy in Guntur India received a new eyeball, and a 5 year old boy in 1978 Cordova Argentina Crusade was given new urethra from Jesus Christ, after God's servant prayed - both of these miracles confirmed by Medical Doctors.
In 1977, an atheist from Prince George was converted and healed from gangrene of the right leg and received a new knee cap after Max Solbrekken prayed.  
During Max Solbrekken's 1968 Newfoundland Crusade, 16 year old Geraldine Rideout (2 1/2 feet tall, 25 lbs) was healed of 'osteo genesis imperfecta' - the only person known by Medical Science to be cured, started school at age 21 at grade one, graduated and travelled as a Singer, got married at 48. 
In 1977, Terry Somers on New Brunswick was seriously injured in an mine accident. He had several operations and suffered agonizing nerve pain for 17 years. He was on total disability. In 1994, Terry was instantly healed during Max Solbrekken's Gospel Crusade at the Pentecostal Church in Lyttleton, N.B. Almost immediately, he was declared healed by the leading orthopedic surgeon for Workman's Corp. He has worked without pain and has not  taken a pill  for more than 20 years. Hallelujah to Jesus Christ
Brita Gloppen of Bergen, Norway was given up with totally deteriorated spine, wore steel corset for ten years, used wheel chair 8 years, heart disease, brain concussion from falling, instantly healed in 1968. Bergen News told her story. Her testimony caused her siblings to turn to Jesus Christ.
 All honour, glory and praise to God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son! Through His Awesome Blood and in His Name was this possible!
Max Solbrekken was born in Canada of Norwegian Lutheran parents. He was  ordained by the 'Christians of Evangelical Faith' in 1965 and in 1987 he received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Indiana Christian University and in 1998, an honorary Doctor of Theology degree from the Living Word Bible College and Seminary, Swan River, MB.
For his many years of bringing freedom, deliverance, liberty and dignity to humanity around the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Max Solbrekken was made a member of the prestigious International Order of Journalists at City Hall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1987. 
 Others who have received this honour are President Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Golda Meir, President Nelson Mandela and Dr. Manuel Ferreira.
Max Solbrekken has laboured as a pastor, evangelist, university chaplain, Bible College president, author, radio and TV talk show host, newspaper religion columnist and religious magazine editor.  
Max Solbrekken preaches hell hot, sin black, eternity long and God's grace unfathomable.  God graciously performs miracles of healing in answers to his prayers.
Max & Donna Solbrekken reside in Alberta, Canada.  They have 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.  Max Solbrekken is president of the Solbrekken Evangelistic Association of Canada (since 1963).
In 2007, God led Dr. Max and Donna Solbrekken to buy an old Synagogue in a needy area of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  They named it after Jesus Himself,  Christ the Healer Gospel Church. 
After 10 years of hard labour and about 400,000 kilometers, on January 1, 2018, they gifted it debt free, along with a donation of $20,000 to a Spirit-filled couple, Pastor Terry and Shelly Severson of TORRO Ministries. 
It has already become a strong influence for God and morality in the city of Saskatoon and we are expecting God's continued blessing upon them. Amen.
In 2011, Donna and Max were persuaded to take over a 100 year old Moravian Church on Highway #623 on three acres of land, south of New Sarepta, Alberta. People had been living in it for 6 years. 
They totally renovated it and today is the most beautiful little country church you have seen with an anointed group of friendly, godly and Jesus-loving congregants.
Pastor Jack and Maureen Super and the Peterson Gospel Band have been such a blessing. Praise the Lord.

                  Max Solbrekken
        A Radical For Jesus
                By Dr. Don Gossett, 1992
When I think of my friend, Max Solbrekken, words come to my mind; integrity, honour, anointing, zeal, sincerity, uncompromising!
It was in 1962 I met Max and his family at Prince George, British Columbia where the Solbrekkens lived at that time.  I was immediately impressed by the deep heart hunger of this man for the power of God.  
The next year he moved to White Rock, B.C. where we became fast friends, sharing together many ministry opportunities as well as rich personal fellowship.
Through these more than 30 years, our friendship has never been marred by personal differences or any form of strife.  That's exceptional in this world of communication breakdowns, between even the saints.
I have ministered in the nations of the world where Brother Max has been.  Pastors and leaders all over the world speak so highly of him and the effectiveness of his ministry.
His radiant smile has warmed the hearts of the coldest peoples of this world.  His sparkling Norwegian eyes have penetrated the hardest of sinners.  
Max is well known in Hell as a fearless, courageous preacher of the Word of God that pulls down the strongholds of the wicked one wherever the Lord sends Max.
 Yes, there are a few words that come to my mind when I consider my friend Brother Max Solbrekken....A radical for Jesus.  A man ready to die as a martyr.  A world overcomer through his faith in God.  A remarkable family man. Brother Max, you are loved by millions in India, Africa and the Philippines.
Dr. Don Gossett, D.D., President of Bold Bible Living, Surrey, B.C.
By Pastor Max Solbrekken D.D.
The death of Bishop Turnel Nelson (October 2006) is not only a great loss to Trinidad and Tobago and the West Indian Islands, but also to Canada.
 Turnel was my personal friend and colleague for many years and preached for us in numerous crusades in Edmonton. Turnel Nelson had a powerful affect on our students at the Canadian Bible Academy as well.  He also traveled with us to Israel and South Africa.
Ever since our first crusade with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (P.A.W.I.) in Morvant (1968), he continually invited me back to Trinidad and Tobago and we stood shoulder to shoulder in crusades in Woodford Square, Queen's Park Savanna in Port of Spain as well as Caripachima, Arima and other areas.
Turnel Nelson was loved by hundreds of people here in Canada.  He was like a brother to me and always stayed in our home.  We all miss him terribly.  
  Like Barnabas of old, he was "a good man and filled with the Holy Ghost." (Acts 11:24)  He made a tremendous impact on all who heard his booming voice!
 Our prayers are with his precious wife, Joyselyn and family, and the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church and other congregations in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the West Indies!
              I HAVE STOOD BY HIS SIDE!
                By Rev. Turnel Nelson, Woodford Square, Trinidad
 It has been a privilege of mine to be acquainted with Rev. Max Solbrekken for the past 10 years in crusades in the Island of Trinidad.
Trinidad has a population of over a million people and the population is divided.  One third is from Negro descendants, like myself, one third is from East Indian descendants, and the other third European, Chinese and all nations upon the face of the earth.  
  So it is a cosmopolitan population.  Religiously the majority of the people are Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Moravian, Presbyterian, Hindu and Moslem.
We have been having a tremendous breakthrough over the past years.  God has sent us men from the continent of America like Oral Roberts, Morris Cerullo, Billy Graham, T.L. Osborn and Max Solbrekken.  
 I have been acquainted with most of these crusades over the past 10 years and I can safely say that the in gathering of souls, the last effect of the crusade, is the conversation of the converts.
  And I can safely say that the Max Solbrekken crusades on the Island have resulted in more converts than any other crusade we have had on the Islands. 
I have worked very closely with Rev. Max Solbrekken.  I have stood by his side and seen him minister to the sick.  And this is one thing that really, really got to me and impressed me about him. 
He loves people and he stays on to minister to the needs of the people.  Most evangelists will arrive, proclaim the Word, and they're off the scene. You can't even see them to talk with them.  
I can heartily say that I have never worked with a man who has shown so much interest and compassion for suffering people as Max Solbrekken.
We have seen thousands and thousands reached for Christ in these crusades!  Rev. Solbrekken will stand there night after night, preach sometimes for one solid hour, and sometimes a little more.  And people like it.
And Rev. Max Solbrekken would minister to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people, and the service might come to a close at about 11:00 or 11:30 pm, and yet there will be another hundred or so staying around that want him to lay hands on them.  He's wet, tired and exhausted but I have never seen him push them away!  Max Solbrekken stays until the lights have gone out.
The microphones have gone out, but Brother Solbrekken stays there and lays hands on every single person needing help.  
I believe this compassion he has for sick people has caused him to win their hearts here in Trinidad, and those who have attended his crusades, and hence the tremendous results.
  We want you to know that we appreciate his ministry in Trinidad, and if we had our way we would keep him in Trinidad.  There is one way in which we can keep him there - there is one way in which we have him - at least we have him in Trinidad for 1/2 hour every week - and that is on television.
I believe that television is one of the greatest breakthroughs that God has given the Church for evangelism.  Why should the world be allowed to use it for all their propaganda and for all their mess?  God can use it as His voice in the Nation for the Gospel.  
Max Solbrekken's program is the only Full Gospel Television program on our channel television in the Island of Trinidad, and we want that program to stay there.
 We know that with the many commitments Max Solbrekken has it is a difficult time to keep that program here. I feel it would be an insult to God - It would be shocking news to the Christians in the land if when they turn on their TV at 1:00 on Sunday, they could not see the program of Max Solbrekken.
                                   REFERENCES FOR
                                    MAX SOLBREKKEN
2009 - Dr. David Rathnam - Abbotsford, B.C. Superintendent of New Hope Gospel Churches - Dr. Max Solbrekken preached in our Minister's Convention in Courtenay and brought such powerful messages from God's Word that we all have a new meeting with Jesus and a new understanding of the real Mission of the Church.  We all humbled ourselves as he expounded on the subject: 'Who is a True Minister & Servant of God?'
Dr. Max Solbrekken preached at New Hope Gospel Church in Abbotsford on October 29, 30 and November 1, 2009.  Again powerful messages were preached and great miracles were granted by our Lord Jesus Christ!  We want Rev. Max Solbrekken to return for more services in the near future.
Evangelist Dean Milley - Lima, Peru - "It is such an honour to preach with Pastor Max Solbrekken at Christ the Healer Gospel Church in Saskatoon.  For the past 10 years I have been labouring for our Saviour Jesus Christ in Latin America.  Most of that time, I have been ministering to young people in Lima, Peru.  The Church I am affiliated with has won 50,000 souls to Jesus Christ in these last 10 years.
On May 15, 1988 I was a lost soul, bound by alcohol, drugs and every wicked habit imaginable.  I had written a suicide note to my parents and was on my way to commit suicide.  I had planned to have a head on collision with a big semi truck and end it all.
I ended up turning off the Trans Canada Highway at Camp Emmanuel, 7 miles from Louisporte, Newfoundland, where Pastor Max Solbrekken was preaching to huge crowds of people at the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland Conference. 
That night, Pastor Max Solbrekken cast all the evil spirits out of me.  As the demons of perversion and suicide were leaving me it was horrible.  My face turned purple, my neck bulged out, my tongue went in and out like a trip hammer and I bellowed like a bull for several minutes and then suddenly, I was free and at peace.  I have been free ever since.  Glory to God forever.  Pastor Max Solbrekken has invited me back to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on March 21, 2010.
2009 - Dr. David Pereira, Amadora, Portugal - "Dr. Max Solbrekken visited our nation again after a number of years.  The anointing of God was stronger upon him then when we had the great crusades across the nation years ago!  Dr. Max Solbrekken preached with such authority against sin, fear, perversion and Satan's evil influence in the world and church today!  The 'Fear of God' filled our hearts and many preachers repented of backsliding and the lack of compassion for the lost and dying of our world.
Please come back soon. Dr. Max.  The preachers are asking for you to return for major crusades."
2009 - Dr. Mitchell Kanokoa - Full Gospel Church, Honolulu, Hawaii - "Dr. Max Solbrekken and I traveled to the Philippines in April.  We saw God's power in action as Dr. Solbrekken preached at the Bible College Commencement, the Conference of Assemblies of Full Gospel Churches, and in the Gospel Crusades.  Great salvations, healings and blessings of God in Revival Fires attended all the Meetings!  Whenever he and his wife Donna come to Hawaii for vacation, we schedule him for Revival Meetings and our congregation is greatly stirred.
"We need the fire and power of God in our worship services all the time.  I long for God's anointing and blessing.  Come back soon, Dr. Solbrekken.!"
2007 - Dr. Emile Boutras Boktor - Assembly of God Church, Cairo, Egypt - What a wonderful time we had with Dr. Max Solbrekken of Canada and Jan Ernst Gabrielsen from Norway.  As Dr. Max preached the power of God filled the sanctuary and stirred us all.   All of us were revived and many testified of receiving divine healing in the meetings.  I pray that the interview Dr. Max Solbrekken did with me will be a great blessing in Canada and Norway.  We want Dr. Max to return for Crusades soon.
NOTE:  Dr. Emile Boutros Boktor's testimony of meeting Jesus Christ at 2:00 am in the Sinai Desert during Egypt's March on Israel during the Six Day War is absolutely awesome - Max Solbrekken
2007 - Rev. Jan Gabrielsen, Norway - We love Pastor Max Solbrekken's fearless, bold and challenging messages about Jesus Christ and His great Sacrifice for us on the Cross.  Again and again we have witnessed God stretching out His hand of mercy and healing in Norway in Max Solbrekken's meetings.  We experienced the mightly power of God in our meetings in Juba, Khartoum and Darfur in Sudan in 2006 and 2007 as well as in Cairo, Egypt.  Everywhere I go people ask me, when is Brother Max coming back?"
2006 - Rev. Terry Severson - Evangelical Church, Sturgis, Saskatchewan - "Pastor Max Solbrekken and I have just completed crusades in 10 towns in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  We have gone almost non-stop and I've had a hard time to keep up with him.  There have been some great and wonderful miracles of salvation and healing in the meetings.  Pastor Max Solbrekken is an anointed man of God!
"Max Solbrekken and I are both from Norquay, Saskatchewan.  Before I was converted, I was an atheist and an alcoholic.  After Max Solbrekken's father died, we rented his house for a while and wherever I went out my drinking buddies would harass me, saying, "Well, you'll soon be walking around with a Bible under your arm and be a preacher just like Max Solbrekken, now that you're living in his Dad's house."  I would curse and swear at them and tell them to shut up.  Then one day, my wife Shelly said the same thing and shortly after that I gave my heart and life to Jesus Christ.  I am proud to say that now I am a preacher like Max Solbrekken."
2005 - Bishop Dr. Manoel Ferreira - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Bishop of Assemblies of God (Maduereira Conference) with 22,000 pastors and 6,000 churches.
"Dr. Max Solbrekken stirred our Ministers Conference in April 2006 with his powerful messages!  We had about 4,500 pastors registered at Sumare.  On April 23 we concluded the Conference at the huge Parque Brazil at Paulina, SP, with more than 45 of Brazil's greatest Gospel Singers.  Dr. Max Solbrekken was our speaker at the enormous gathering of about 300,000 people.  I have never heard him preach as powerfully and eloquently, with God's anointing.  The great crowd was stirred as never before. Hallelujah!
We have invited Dr. Max and Donna Solbrekken 2006!  Come back SOON.  We need you back soon, quick Dr. Max!  All the preachers are welcoming you back! - Dr. Manual Ferreira
NOTE:  I preached in about 16 crusades and Conferences in Brazil in November 2006.  By the grace of God I addressed another circa 5,000 Assemblies of God Ministers in 3 regional conventions in the State of Rio de Janeiro - Max Solbrekken
1994 - Rev. Robert Kayanja - Kampala, Uganda - Pastor of 5,500 member Miracle Church
Dr. Max Solbrekken's message, 'God's Message to Uganda' was most powerful.  This is the first time I have ever heard a preacher expound on the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) in this fashion.  Oh, how we need this kind of message in Uganda, teaching people how to live right!"
"Already we have received many new converts from the Max Solbrekken crusade in our church and many have given glowing testimonies.  One woman has been totally healed of AIDS.  She has gone for a blood test and we are anxiously awaiting the medical report!
"Dr. Max Solbrekken we want you back in Kampala.  We need you for more crusades in Uganda!
1994 - Dr. Handel Leslie - Evangelist to Africa
I first met Dr. Max Solbrekken in Montreal, Quebec in 1976, and witnessed the mighty miracles of God.  I remember his powerfully anointed messages on righteousness, sin, the cross and Christ's power to heal and deliver.  He has not changed.  His message has not changed, and his ministry is more powerful than ever.  Dr. Max, please come back to Uganda.  We need you here."
1994 - Rev. Peterson Sozi - Pastor-Reformed Presbyterian Church, Kampala, Uganda
Greetings in the most precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you so much for your wonderful mission to Uganda.  We are getting testimonies of salvation and healing.  Many churches have converts from your crusades unlike the past experience we have had with other international evangelists.  There is much drama, but little results.  The pre-crusades, your biblical teachings and follow-up classes plus powerful healing ministry has left a mark on the hearts of those who had contact with you."
"Your love and social behaviour, the calm spirit of Donna revealed to us a really godly couple.  Your ministry in Uganda was very successful and when you return December 1994-January 1995, I believe God will be highly glorified.  Hallelujah.  Amen!"
1993 - Bishop Stephan Veremchuk - Pentecostal Union - Lutsk, Ukraine
This is the first time we have had such strong Pentecostal preaching proclaiming the Full Gospel in a public meeting reaching the general public in Lutsk.  Pastor Max Solbrekken's ministry in the Ukraine has been powerful, revitalizing believers, winning the lost and God has healed the sick!"
1993 - Bishop Vasily Boyechko - Unregistered Churches, Lvov, Ukraine
"Dr. Max Solbrekken's ministry of the pure Word of God has been full of love and holy boldness.  We have been challenged and back his ministry 100%.  Max Solbrekken and I are planning to join together to reach 18 million West Ukrainians with the gospel of Jesus Christ on the National TV Network."
1993 - Rev. Vasily Filemon - Senior Pastor of New Life Tabernacle and President of New Life TV Ministries - Jelgava, Latvia
We have never heard such preaching here in Riga as Dr. Max Solbrekken's.  Such fire and power and so many miracles - Spirit - Spirit - Spirit - Oh how much of the Holy Spirit.  Please come back in the summer of 1994 for our stadium seating 100,000, Brother Max!"
1993 - Rev. Tony Abram - Phoenix City, Alabama - Internationally known Ministry - Evangelist (since 1962)
"From all over the world, I hear good reports as we travel, 'Max Solbrekken, man of God'!  Dr. Solbrekken, I've always respected your ministry and known you for many years!"
1993 - Rev. David Pereira - Amadora, Portugal - President of 'Proclamation of The Gospel'"
Dr. Max Solbrekken has made a great impact upon myself and many other preachers in Portugal.  Since 1983 we have witnessed the powers and presence of God with great miracles of healing in his crusades.  The Portuguese people love him."
1992 - Dr. David Sumrall - Pastor of 18,000 member Cathedral of Praise, Manila, Philippines
"...Twenty five years ago, a miracle crusade shook the Philippines with outstanding miracles and numerous healings through the ministry of one man."
"...Twenty five years ago, a great number of people repented of their sins and turned to God through the ministry of one man...""...That was twenty five years ago, now, that same man is back in the Philippines to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord over all kinds of sickness and disease!" 
I have never seen another preacher work as hard to win souls, get the sick healed and bless the people.  Max Solbrekken is a real evangelist.  Brother Solbrekken, I have pastors all over Asia ask me, "Do you know any evangelists?"  I have had to answer, "No I don't because most evangelists are pastors who seek to do the work of an evangelist.  Now, I can tell my pastor friends, I have met a real evangelist."
1992 - Henry Kransberg - Oslo, Norway - President of 'New Life Mission' and 'New Life Media & TV".
"Pastor Max Solbrekken is a man of God with great compassion and a powerful ministry of miracles.  I have attended many large crusades but have seen more miracles of healing in Max Solbrekken's meetings than any other"
1992 - Rev. Phil Marocco - Assembly of God, Bend, Oregon
"We saw more miracles of healing and salvation in just 3 days of ministry with you, than in most of our revival services combined."
1991 - Freda Lindsay - Dallas, Texas - Chairman of the Board., 'Christ For the Nations'"
"Every report of your services from the students was that you are a mighty evangelist and soul winner.  What better could be said of a man of God than that!"
1988 - Rev. A.W. Rowe - Lewisporte, Newfoundland - District Superintendent of Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland
"Hundreds were turned away as Dr. Max Solbrekken preached again in Newfoundland after 13 years."  Dr. Max Solbrekken held crusades in Newfoundland 13 years ago in the Frank Bursey Memorial Tabernacle and scores of people were saved, healed and baptized in the Holy Ghost.  Many were the signs and wonders in those meetings in 1975.  Out from those meetings came several of the present ministers of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland."
"The meetings held from May 10-15, 1988 - were no less powerful, than the meetings of 1975.  God moved mightily night after night as his servant, Max Solbrekken, attacked sin, sickness and disease.  Max, in prophetic spirit, called forth men and women each night for salvation, healing and deliverance"
"The last night of the service, a man on the outside of the building, who had taken an epileptic spell was in a dying condition was brought on the platform where Brother Solbrekken cast out the spirits of infirmity by His Word and the man was completely healed and walked back and forth on the platform, rejoicing in his deliverance and new found salvation.
Another young man who had been attending Bible College, but had gotten away from God and was in sin, living a double life, came to the alter.  Evil spirits that had tormented him for years  came screaming out too.  Pastor Max Solbrekken cast them out in Jesus' Name. Scores were at the alter in a packed tabernacle.  The crowds were so large that it was impossible to seat them all; many hundreds were turned away."
1987 - Peter Enns - Tulsa, Oklahoma - President of KIDS International and "Stories That Live."
"Max Solbrekken is the man who brought us into the Full Gospel.  We went to his meeting to mock and make fun, but we saw God's miracles!  Max Solbrekken wouldn't argue - he simply put his arm around me and loved me into Pentecost."
"Max Solbrekken is the man who brought us into the Full Gospel.  We went to his meeting to mock and make fun, but we saw God's miracles!  Max Solbrekken wouldn't argue - he simply put his arm around me and loved me into Pentecost."

1987 - Dr. Manoel Fierrier - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Former General Superintendent of Brazil Assemblies of God.  President of 40 million members Pentecostal Federation of South America.
"On Nov, 1988, First Pentecostal Conference of South America was a tremendous success.  Some of the greatest preachers in the world were present.  The night Max Solbrekken preached there were so many miracles we could not count them. We sold more cassettes and videos of Max Solbrekken's ministry than any other night during the entire conference."
1987 - Dr. Moody Adam - Baker, Louisiana - Baptist Evangelist
"I look upon Max Solbrekken as one of the most powerful pulpiteers in our world today in any nation."
1987 - Dr. Don Gossett - White Rock, B.C. Canada - President of "Bold Bible Living'.
I say without fear of contradiction, Max Solbrekken is Canada's number one soul winner."
1987- Rev. Turnel Nelson - General Superintendant of West Indies Pentecostal Assemblies, Trinidad, West Indies
"Max Solbrekken is fierce and powerful!  I watched him in his ministry and even after his preaching was over, he would stand there for hours praying for people, for their individual needs, even after 12:00pm.  Tired and worn, but he's still reaching out."
1987 - Dr. Paul Melnichuk - Toronto, Ontario, Pastor of Prayer Palace
"I have know Max Solbrekken for over 20 years.  He practices what he preaches.  He is a prince of a preacher, with a mighty anointing of God."
1985 - Dr. John Wesley White - Toronto, Ontario, co-evangelist of Billy Graham
"Pastor Max Solbrekken's ministry is one of compassion.  His ministry around the altars in powerful and compelling."
1984 - Rev. Harald Bredesen - California
"Max Solbrekken is a prophet to Edmonton and Canada, and an apostle to the world."
1982 - Pastor John Walton - Palmerston North, New Zealand - New Life Centre
"Max Solbrekken visited Palmerston North approximately 2 years ago, and conducted a week long Evangelistic Crusade.  This Crusade was the most successful one we have ever had.  The cases of salvation were numerous and on-going."
"The healings were remarkable and lasting.  Doctors have examined some of the cases and confirmed the miracles!  The crowds increased nightly and climaxed in a tremendous atmosphere or worship and thanksgiving in to God.  Truly, Max is a great crusader, announcing the clear uncompromising message of Jesus Christ."
1982 - Dr. Omar Cabrera - Santa Fe, Argentina - President of Vision of de Futura
"Max Solbrekken's ministry and crusade in Cordoba in 1978 was the turning point for Argentina.  I had planned to move to Paraquay, but Max Solbrekken convinced me to stay.  His crusade was the greatest we had seen in this country up to that time.  Now we have a national revival!"
1982 - Dr. Quention Edwards - Cypress Cathedral, Winterhaven, Florida
"Max Solbrekken is a man sent of God!"
1982 - Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
To Max Solbrekken.  God's great man! Your ministry and labour for the Lord world-wide is legend."
1980 - Bishop Rodrick Ceasar - Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, Jamaica, NY, USA
"Bethel Gospel Tabernacle of Jamaica, New York, was truly blessed to have the Rev. Max Solbrekken of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, come to us for an off season revival.  During this week of meetings, the Lord visited  us nightly.  Many souls were saved, back-sliders reclaimed, believers edified and filled.
There were those who were healed as the man of God anointed and prayed for them.:
"Unique among these healings are the following: Sister Dewes who suffered from migraine headaches for the past 5 years, after she was anointed and prayed for was healed and since that day she has not suffered headaches again.  Mr. Joe Green, who for the past 6 years had to wear special shoes because of diabetes, after being prayed for now can wear regular shoes.
Sister Beverly Ceasar, who had a nervous stomach for more than 3 years was healed after the man of God prayed for her.  Sister Pat Turner suffering from intestinal problems was also miraculously healed when prayed for.  These are only a few of the vast miracles the Lord performed in our midst.  Depression, fear and anxiety were dispelled, demons were set loose as the man of God ministered at Bethel."
Rev. Max Solbrekken's anointed preaching during the week of meetings was inspiring to our hearts, and lifted us to higher heights in the Lord.  He ministered the word of God on Biblical prophecy, on science and the Bible and on many other subjects that are quite relevant to the age in which we live.  His revival although it is over, lingers in the hearts of many and we look forward to having Rev. Max Solbrekken in the future again to minister to us."
1975 - Rev. A.S. Bursey - St. Johns, Nfld. - General Superintendent of P.A.O.N.
The island of Newfoundland has opened its arms to the ministry of Rev. Max Solbrekken.  Among all the pastors where he ministered I have heard only good reports.  Many have been saved, healed and greatly refreshed.  Max Solbrekken preaches a powerful Full-Gospel message."
1975 - Rev. A.W. Rowe - Lewisport, Nfld - District Superintendent of P.A.O.N.
"Max Solbrekken is a man of God with a supernatural miracles ministry!  I have followed his ministry for years and seen the power of God in action both here in Newfoundland and on the foreign field.  His revivals in Newfoundland have been the greatest we have seen here."
1974 - Rev. Dennis White - Port au Spain, Trinidad - President, West Indies School of Theology
"Caripanchina, Trinidad never saw anything in this fashion.  For the first time in her history, she saw a man of God stand and declare the inevitable riches of truth, as night after night hundreds responded to the invitation to accept Christ.  Miracles took place to the glory of God.  Hindus and Muslims and people of no particular persuasion came forward to say, "I want Jesus".  Oh, how our hearts were thrilled."
1974 - Rev. David Wulff - Chaplain to Norwegian sailors, Valletta, Malta
"Never in the history of Malta has so great a spiritual victory been won, as during Brother Solbrekken's crusade here.  The devil launched all his forces to prevent God's Kingdom from marching forward, but in the name of Jesus, his power was broken and he had to back off.
The first Full Gospel crusade since the days of St. Paul became a reality and a glorious victory for the persecuted Evangelicals.  Souls were saved and miracles of divine healing took place as Rev. Max Solbrekken brought forth the message of the Gospel under God's anointing and as he reached out to the Lord for the needs of the people in compassion and prayer.
For hundreds of years, Malta has been bound by a primitive form of Roman Catholicism mixed with mysticism and superstition.  They have been told repeatedly that all non-Catholics were trying to lead them astry and wanted only to split and confuse the Roman Catholic Church.  Little did they know that our main intentions were to bring them back to First Century Christianity, to signs, wonders and miracles with simple faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord.
A NEW ERA HAS NOW STARTED IN MALTA as God is beginning to show the people that He is the same today as when Paul first came to this island. Miracles began happening right from the very beginning, even before the crusade started.  Every time the devil attacked, he was overcome by the mighty hand of God.
When the Police Department withheld permission to hold the crusade, till the last moment.  God opened the way for Brother Solbrekken to meet the Senior Superintendent of Police personally and God's servant won favour with him.  Superintendent E. Tonna asked for Rev. Solbrekken's prayers and he also promised all possible help in the future.  Since the crusade, Mr. Tonna has been elevated to the most respected position of Commissioner of Police, the highest position in the Malta Police Force.
The situation seemed hopeless, but God sent His servant Max Solbrekken to the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Chruch, His Grace, Monsignor Michael Gonzi, for a personal audience, which resulted in His Grace "The Archbishop" wishing Rev. Solbrekken all the best of success for his mission of preaching Jesus Christ to Malta.
When we tried to advertise the crusade in the leading newspapers, we were denied that right, and one paper attacked us in no uncertain terms.  But, God prompted a Maltese journalist to publicly defend us, and this was the first time that Full Gospel Evangelical received public support in the newspapers.
Since the crusade, our weekly church services have been advertised with no charge in the church columns of a paper who denied us advertising space for the crusade.  The Roman Catholic priests warned against the crusade from the pulpits.  Roman Catholic professors arranged a "Bible Week" on the television each evening of the crusade to prevent people from coming.
The situation seemed hopeless, but God sent His servant Max Solbrekken to the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Chruch, His Grace, Monsignor Michael Gonzi, for a personal audience, which resulted in His Grace "The Archbishop" wishing Rev. Solbrekken all the best of success for his mission of preaching Jesus Christ to Malta.
Later a prominent priest, after meeting us on a busy market street, asked Brother Solbrekken for his prayers saying, "I FEEL SICK IN BOTH BODY AND SOUL", and God's servant laid his hands on him and prayed right there in the city square.
One of the professors who had organized their own "Bible Week in opposition to us, later received Brother Solbrekken and myself in his office at the University of Malta where we had a great time of fellowship.  God's servant was invited into a class and asked to pray for the students.  Now doors are wide open in Malta for a massive crusade.  This is the time for persistent penetration of this island with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ."
1974 - Rev. Allister Alexander - Morvant, Trinidad
"Its certainly not difficult for me to recommend Canada's Internationally known Evangelist Rev. Max Solbrekken.  It didn't take us long to realize that he was a man of God, after first meeting him in 1968.  It will be difficult to forget the outstanding crusade which he conducted in the name of the Lord in Morvant, and the thousands that were blessed, saved and healed in that meeting.
Not only does the evangelist Max Solbrekken preach the pure and true gospel of Jesus Christ, but he also lives it.  I know he is a man of prayer.  I am fully convinced that Rev. Max Solbnrekken is an evangelist of the highest caliber, in preaching, prayer and dedicated living.  I highly recommend him."
1973 - Rev. David Minor - Assembly of God, Longview, Washington
"It has once again been my honor and privilege to be able to travel with Brother Solbrekken in missionary evangelism in the islands of the West Indies.
We have held a number of crusades in the islands in years past yet never have we seen the response to the Gospel that we saw during our crusade to Haiti.  You would have almost had to be there to somehow grasp the hunger and desire that there is in the hearts of the people for the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Night after night Brother Max preached with a tremendous anointing.  Signs and wonders and miracles followwed the preaching of the Word.  It was totally impossible to even number the hundreds, yes thousands of people that responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The crowd was so great and jammed in so tightly that it was virtually impossible to know everyone that came to find Christ as Saviour.  However, night after night hundred and hundreds of hands would go up across the audience wanting to receive the Lord Jesus Christ."
1973 - Rev. Arthur Nipper - Evangelist, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
"I want to say greetings to you folks here in North America. I've come all the way from South Africa and believe it or not, I am here to see Pastor Solbrekken himself: because I had seen him in operation in Holland and we had a great time.
I've been in the ministry long enough to know a true man of God.  I saw him operating in Holland in one of the big churches there.  What I saw there that night impressed me so much, people, that I spoke that very night him coming back to South Africa, where we had been corresponding for some time.  We had never really got anywhere very much because he's a busy man and it look s to me like you'd have to drag him to South Africa. So I've come here to try to drag him back to South Africa.
Pastor Solbrekken is a real man of God and he certainly has a sign ministry - there's no doubt about it.  We've seen legs lengthened, arms lengthened and a broken back healed.  People hobbling along on crutches suddenly have thrown them away and started running.  We had one man who claimed he had one leg that had been broken and the leg wouldn't mend.The gift of faith came into operation through the preach, Pastor Solbrekken, and he prayed for that man.  By faith he told him to jump.  The man actually broke the floor boards!  I went to put the boards away so they wouldn't hurt somebody because they were splintered.  He actually split the floor boards in half with the jump that he made.  So that goes to prove that God is still a miracle worker today."
1973 - Pastor Morgan Kormoo - Filadelfia Assembly of God - Oslo, Norway
"We are privileged to have with us here in Filadelfia for his second crusade, Max Solbrekken from Canada.  I wrote in "korsets Seir' that when Max Solbrekken comoes to Filadelfia there is a strong probability that there will be a disturbance in the "Flower Garden" in the way he boldly "tells it like it is".  In this generation, when it is so easy for the church to fall asleep and become stiff necked and four-cornered, it is good to have a ministry like this in our midst to soften us up."
1972 - Rev. Nick Gruick - Missionary - Port au Prince, Haiti
"We all in Haiti are so very thankful that the Lord sent you and your team our way.  Your 5 days and nights, Salvation and Healing Crusade, was the best we have had here.  There were more results in your meetings than in any others.
We can see the miracle working hand of the Lord in everything. The government of Haiti giving us their best facility on the island for the crusade, was a miracle.  The football stadium seating 50,000 people became our spiritual battleground.  Here is where we saw the powers of hell defeated night after night.  The forces of voodooism, superstition, sin and sickness receive a death dealing blow.
The thrilling sight of thousands of people coming down the bleacher aisles into the football field at your salvation invitation to accept Christ as their Saviour, will never be forgotten. We praise God that there were approximately 25,000 new converts added to the Haitian Church as a result of your crusade.
Your mighty prayers of deliverance for the thousands of sick and afflicted people resulted in miraculous healings of all kinds.  The cripples, blind, deaf and dumb testified each night from the platform, to the healing power of Christ.
One lady came every night.  When you prayed, she laid her hands on her stomach because it was swelled up with tumors.  Each night the swelling went down some.  On the final night of the crusade the swelling and tumors disappeared and she was completely healed.
One night they brought a demon possessed lad who had to be bound with ropes.  During the service he was completely delivered and help up the ropes as the crowd cheered and praised God.  A lady who came with crutches threw them away and walked off the platform.  Many more such miracles and healings took place night after night."
1971 - Dr. Hyman Appleman - Kansas City, Missouri - Leading Baptist Evangelist
"There is only one word, under God, to describe the person, the life, the ministry of Max Solbrekken, and that word is "MIRACLE".  Here is a spirit-filled, spirit-led, sacrificial work, starting from scratch, now girding the globe.  Literature, radio, TV - gigantic Evangelistic campaigns.  Here is a ministry that deserves all the prayers and all the financial support of all of God's people.  Here the Holy Spirit is turning dollars into souls."
1971- Dr. Lester Sumrall - South Bend, Indiana
Pastor Solbrekken, your book "What the Bible teaches on Baptism' is the best I've ever read on the subject. I'd like to have 200 copies to give to the members of my congregation."
1971 - Dr. Alex Ness - Toronto Christian Centre, Toronto, Ontario
Rev. Max Solbrekken is an internationally known evangelist.  Few men have been so mightily used of God in bringing healing and deliverance to the sick and those possessed by demons and habits.  Radio ministry around the world, TV ministry, author and University speaker!
1969 - Rev. A.S. Bursey - St. Johns, NF - General Superintendent P.A.O.N.
Evangelist Max Solbrekken of White Rock, BC recently conducted a series of evangelistic meetings in the Central District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador.
It was my privilege to attend two of the meetings when the F.G. Bursey Memorial Tabernacle, constructed by the district, was officially dedicated to the glory of God.
Each night crowds filled the auditorium, with many standing.  The power of God was present to heal.  Many converts accepted Christ as Saviour, among them being many who had been the object of prayer for many years.  The whole area felt the impact of the revival.
Brother Solbrekken preached with the anointing of the Holy Ghost, not sparing himself.  He is highly respected and loved by the preachers of our movement who worked with him during the campaign."
1969 - Rev. W.P. Ryan - General Superintendent PAWI - Port of Spain, Trinidad
The evangelical crusade held in Woodford Square, Port of Spain, Trinidad by Max Solbrekken and party will go down in history as ONE OF THE GREATEST CRUSADES EVER TO BE HELD IN THIS VENUE, and scores will remember these meetings long after they have become history, because of having found Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.  Woodford Square, situated in the very heart of the nation's capital, Port of Spain, is called the "Hyde Park" of Trinidad.
For the 15 nights of the crusade we were thrilled by the response of those whose hearts the Holy Spirit had touched, and the earnestness on the faces of many whom we are assured will never again return to a life of sin.
One of the special characteristics of Brother Solbrekken'r preaching is that he makes it very hard for those who want to respond to the Gospel.  He is not afraid to denounce sin of all descriptions in the lives of individuals, so that those who come forward know why they are coming.  We do appreciate, and thank God for men, in these times, who in spite of the present trend to depart from the Word, will fearlessly call sin - sin...regardless of the consequences.  We want to thank Max Solbrekken and his party for the help that they have been to the work while they were here."
1968 - Rev. Joseph Desriereres - Port au Prince, Haiti (French interpreter for Guadeloupe Crusade)
"We began with less than 30 people.  A number of skeptics and hecklers and antagonistic preachers standing on the sidelines, but God's Word is not bound and His hand is not shortened, and where there is faith there will be miracles.
A little 5 year old boy who had been dumb since birth was instantly healed and the news went far and wide: a woman who had been totally deaf in both ears for 7 years could hear a whisper and wept unashamedly as she gave her testimony: cripples began rising from their chairs and began walking, a miracle revival had come to Guadeloupe.
Hundreds and hundreds responded to the invitation to accept Christ, scores were heale miraculously by God's power, and the skeptic's mouths were closed as the large auditorium was packed to capacity with a multitude of people on the inside and outside.  I believe that this is only the beginning for the Full Gospel message and work in Guadeloupe as the revival goes forward.
Brother Solbrekken is indeed a man of God and spoke with great power under the anointing of the Holy Ghost as he declared the whole counsel of God.  I have counted it a great privilege to work with him and stand by his side night after night."
1969 - Rev. Marcas Roberts - Trinidad Evangelistic Centre - Port of Spain, Trinidad
"The Max Solbrekken Crusade held at Woodford Square, Port of Prince, is one that we will long remember.  The preaching of Brother Solbrekken reminded us of the preaching of John the Baptist.  The truth was preached without fear or favor.
The rich anointing of the Spirit was evident throughout and Jesus Christ was indeed magnified.  We can still hear singing in our ears and the praises of the Lord, as the evangelist got the large crowds to praise the Lord in every service.  It was marvelous to see and hear people from the formal churches praising the Lord with all their hearts, with upraised hands.
The crusade was indeed a visitation from God!  Over 1000 persons responded to the invitation and the power of God was present to heal in every service.  The blind saw, the lame walked and the deaf heard.  Praise the Lord.  Many wonderful testimonies have been reported.  25 persons have been added to our Assembly, the Trinidad Evangelistic Center since the crusade, and as we contact folks in our follow up program we believe there will be more who will be added to the church.
May God continue to use Brother Solbrekken in a great way.  There is a great welcome awaiting him in Port of Spain any time he can return."
1968 - Rev. Peter Lee - Pentecostal Church - St. Johns, Antigua, West Indies
"It was with great expectancy in our hearts that we awaited the arrival of Missionary Evangelist Max Solbrekken in Antigua for a great open air crusade.
We are glad to report that on the last night we had a crowd of about 6000 people.  Each night Evangelist Max Solbrekken, who is as bold as a lion for Jesus, and who prefers to please God than to obtain the applause of men, preached the Word without fear or favor, and in so doing he dug up and exposed sin of all description in its ugliness, dazzling deception and destruction power.  However, the main theme of the crusade was his exaltation of Jesus Christ the Son of God.
Each night it was our privilege to see scores of people respond to the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  Not only was God in the crusade in mighty saving power, but also in mighty healing power.  Here are a few of the healing and miracles which were done:
Folks with defective sight were made to see plainly and did not need their glasses anymore; a child deaf from birth was healed instantly; many deaf in one ear were made to hear; the paralytic healed many suffering from rheumatism and arthritis received miracles, and many others with internal sicknesses were instantly healed and delivered. Praise the Lord.
I remember so vividly on the last night of the crusade, a couple who came from Guadeloupe, a French speaking Island nearby, just to be in Antiqua for the crusade were instantaneously healed.  The husband had a paralyzed arm and he was healed.
I can see him now in my mind's eyes, raising that hand up and down, and the wife who came to the crusade roasting with fever, had the fever leave immediately.  The amazing thing about it all is that neither of them spoke English.  Praise the Lord."
1968 - Pastor Morgan Kormo - Betel Pentecostal, Trondheim, Norway
"A great spirit of conviction gripped sinners and Christians alike as we were shown the need for soul winning and holiness in our walk with Christ.  I and many other pastors feel Brother Solbrekken should return to Norway next year and stay for many months.  He is God's man for Norway, at this time!"
1968 - Pastor Ingolf Kilshus - Zion Pentecostal, Stavanger, Norway
"Oh, what a revival.  It was like Heaven coming down and kissing the earth.  It was like a rain storm after many years drought.  Night after night the large auditorium was packed with people of many faiths.  When the power of God fell, they ran to the altars weeping for God's forgiveness and mercy.  The entire congregation stood with hands upraised praising and magnifying God.
Many were healed by miracles of God and returned night after night to give God praise."
1968 - Pastor Tom Erlandson - Salem Pentecostal, Sandefjord, Norway
"Night after night Max Solbrekken gave the people burning messages from the Word of God.  He was as a consuming fire against sin.  Like in other places, we in Norway have need of men of God who are not compromising with sin and worldliness.
When Brother Solbrekken, with tears and love, gave the altar call, many followed and came to the cross with tears and seeking God."
1968 - Pastor Roald Anderson - Pentecostal Tabernacle, Bergen, Norway
"My eyes have witnessed a miracle of God.  I have been waiting all my life for such a miracle (Brita Gloppen left her wheelchair - healed of heart trouble and totally deteriorated spine).  Brother Max Solbrekken reminds me of William Booth-Clibbom.  It is the preaching of the Word that is his strongest point.  He is without doubt a great preacher.  If he stays humble, God is going to use him mightily all over the world.  I believe Max Solbrekken is a man of God for our generation."
1968 - Oddvar Tegnandar - Pastor Missionary Bible College Professor Author & Interpreter
"I am convinced that Brother Max Solbrekken came to Norway in God's time.  These meetings have stirred up many of us to step out in the same ministry.
The Gospel has been demonstrated.  Dead sermons, dead meetings, dead singing cannot save souls.  We must as The Living Christ to show forth His splendid power and super human might in saving souls, baptizing with the Holy Spirit, healing the sick and raising the dead, for all things are possible.
May I use this opportunity to thank Brother Max for his patience with me and his never ceasing Christ like example both in words, power and all practical affairs."
1968 - Pastor Knut Petersen - Filadelfia Pentecostal, Oslo, Norway
Brother Solbrekken is a real soul winner and I believe his message is one of THE MOST POWERFUL AND STIRRING I HAVE EVER HEARD.  It was so hot is Oslo during the 3 week crusade, but the people came by the multitudes to the meetings instead of going on vacation.  The altars were filled with seeking souls every night and great miracles of God were evidenced throughout the crusade.  A spirit of revival has entered Filadelfia Assembly."
1968 - Evangelist Aril Edvardsen - President of Saarons Dal. Kvinesdal, Norway
"It was my privilege to arrange Max Solbrekken's campaign in many of Norway's largest cities.  WE HAVE HAD A WONDERFUL MOVE OF GOD. THE MEETINGS IN EVERY PLACE WHERE HE HAS MINISTERED.
God has moved in a mighty way as hundreds of sinners have been saved and many miracles have happened and they are now being reported in our major newspapers all over the country.  We believe God sent him here because Scandinavia at this time is going down in sin and immorality and the message of holiness and speaking against sin and worldliness that Brother Solbrekken brought to us is just what Scandinavia needs.
We are looking forward to God sending Brother Solbrekken back to our country to help us in this great work."
1968 - Rev. Leroy Lebeck - PAOC Missionary - Trinidad, West Indies
"Approximately 2000 persons answered the alter calls for salvation given by Evangelist Max Solbrekken as preached a Christ centered, Christ-exalting message, exposing sin and calling for true repentance.  The presence of God was very real throughout the entire crusade and many were healed by miracles of God, some of which were occupied on the front page of the local paper.
Brother Dave Minor ministered to the converts each morning at 10:00 am and even in these services people were healed and filled with the Holy Ghost.  Truly this was God's visitation to Trinidad."
1967 - Rev. Niles Thorne - Evangel Temple, Brighton, Ontario
"The Acts of the Apostles have been relived before our very eyes.  How our hearts have burned within us as Brother Solbrekken under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, declared unto us the counsel of God.
As a Pastor, personally my own heart has been challenged anew by the realization of God's omnipotence, evidenced in miracles of salvation and healing each night.
On behalf of my congregation I would like to express our appreciation to Brother Solbrekken for his uncompromising stand in a world where so few will dare to speak the truth.
The Lord willing, we would eagerly anticipate the return of Brother Solbrekken to our area in the very near future."
1967 - Rev. James Dunlop - Full Gospel Church (PAOC), Frankford, Ontario
"We praise God for the privilege of having evangelist Max Solbrekken with us for our Centennial Revival Crusade in Trenton, Ontario.  God used his servant in a mighty way, Christians were stirred by the anointed ministry of the Word of God, sinners came to know Christ as their personal Saviour and miracles of healing took place in every service.
In one case a young boy had a large lump on his back.  Brother Solbrekken prayed for him and the Lord healed him.  I visited in the boy's home a few days later and his parents testified to what God had done.
They showed me the brace their boy had to wear because of his infirmity and they informed me that they were not going to put it on him again.  God had healed him. Praise the Lord for His healing power.
We have felt the impact of these meetings in our assembly.  A number have been healed and others have testified as to how God has blessed them and drawn them closer to Himself."
1967 - Rev. T. Edward Greer - Apostolic Faith Church, St. Johns, Antigua, West Indies
"We are all fully convinced that Evangelist Max Solbrekken of White Rock, BC is none other, but a twentieth century prophet of God.  Thus, we can truly say, that Antigua was visited by God's prophet, and my, what a time it was!
Such bold and fearless preaching Antigua has never heard from other visiting evangelists.  This great Gospel-trumpeter left no stone unturned in his revolutionary cry against sin.  Night after night, men, woman and children gathered by the thousands from all over the land to hear this outstanding messenger of God.  Hundreds made decisions for Christ, and many miracles of healing were witnessed.  We believe that Brother Solbrekken's visit to Antigua is indeed a sign of God's warning before judgment."
1967 - Rev. C.F. Daley - Pastors in Pentecostal Churches in Victoria & Carbonear, NF, Rev. B.O. Grimes., Rev. J.M. Mulroney
"This is the Church's finest hour: God is pouring out His Spirit in answer to believing prayer.  This was preached and experienced during the 2 week Revival Crusade, held at Victoria, Carbonear, by Evangelist Max Solbrekken.  From the opening hour it was evident that God was going to do a great work.
God's power was manifested in every service as sinners were saved and sick bodies healed.  There was no small stir in the city as the anointed straight-forward preaching of Brother Solbrekken struck out of sin right, left and centre.  Lukewarm Christians were rocked out of their cradle of complacency, as the evangelist preached an old fashioned Bible holiness and the New Testament standard for Christian living.
The two week revival was held at the New Bethel Pentecostal Church Victoria, with the Pentecostal Churches at Carbonear and New Chelsea lending full support.
We appreciate our Brother Solbrekken's visit with us and we are looking forward with eager anticipation for his return in the spring."
1967 - Rev. Ken Bombay - Pentecostal Tabernacle, Calgary, Alberta
"This summer we were pleased to have ministering in our city Brothers Max Solbrekken & Tom Tutyko.  The messages were both challenging and inspirational.  My own soul was deeply stirred by the truth presented night after night.
In every service which I had the privilege to attend there was an evident presence.  God confirmed His Word with signs that followed.
I would highly recommend the ministry of Brother Solbrekken, to anyone desirous of spiritual renewal.  These 2 men support their public ministry with much prayer and waiting upon God.  Such an approach is bound to bring permanent results in establishing the Kingdom of God."
1967 - Rev. Jack Williams - Pentecostal Church, Hazelton, B.C.
"To say we were thrilled with the meetings tell only part of the story.  The power of God was manifest from the first meeting on Thursday evening, with almost a full hall.  By Saturday night the hall was packed out with many outstanding miracles of deliverance and healing.
Brother Max poured out his heart to these people and denounced sin in every shape and form, stressing a life of holiness unto the Lord.  It was thrilling to see deaf ears opened and cripples start walking in Jesus' Name!
A mother testifies of definite healing for her baby with a terrible form of eczema caused by an upset stomach condition: now she feeds her baby as any normal one and she herself was marvelously restored to the Lord.
A father testified to the healing of their little boy who was allergic to many tings; now completely healed with no sign of a return attack.  Folks came from the surrounding villages and many were delivered and healed.  Brother Max was a real inspiration to us all.  HAZLETON WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.  All glory be to Jesus."
1967 - Rev. Paul Melnichuk - Pentecostal Church, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
"Every since Evangelist Max Solbrekken consented to come to our city for a revival crusade a year ago, my heart has been strangely stirred and drawn closer to God.
This first crusade to be held outside of a church building made history in this area.  People of all faiths came and were delivered of blindness, deafness, crippled and those bound with habits of tobacco and alcohol were delivered.  There were 405 decisions for Christ, 58 received the infilling of the Holy Ghost and 50 were immerses in the waters of Baptism by Brother Melnichuk, the local PAOC pastor.  New Glasgow will never be the same again.  Over 100 miracles of deliverance were recorded during the crusade.
When the crusade at the stadium became a reality, it was beyond or fondest expectations as God moved in on the scene and over 400 souls accepted Christ as Savior and Lord, and dozens upon dozens were healed miraculously of many sicknesses and diseases.
As a result of the crusade, our church has grown to the place where we're now making plans to build a large new tabernacle to accommodate the crowds.  Since last year's crusade my phone has been busy constantly as people are asking, "When is Brother Solbrekken coming back to New Glasgow?"  I and my church together with hundreds of other people in our area are 100% behind Evangelist Max Solbrekken and we are expecting even greater things from God in the coming crusade Sept 24 - Oct 1."
1966  - Rev. Robert L. Hoover - Sherwood Assembly of God (PAOC), Winnipeg, Manitoba

Acton, Ontario has been shaken for God.  I had the privilege of assisting Brother Max in 8 days of signs and wonders ad miracles in every service for this revival.  Truly we have witnessed days of heaven on earth as God's power was made manifest from the first service on through the 15 days of wonders.  The altars were lined night after night with those coming to get right with God.  One night we saw 45 come forward in answer to the call of the Spirit to be saved.
Winnipeg, MB - "Truly these 6 days in the city of Winnipeg have made a marked impression on this great city of ours and our church in particular has been greatly blessed and enriched by the ministry of or Brother Max.  We saw 70 come forward for salvation during the crusade and many new faces were seen in our church during the week for the afternoon faith building services.
Five received the Holy Ghost Baptism and five received liberty in the Spirit.  We witnessed Miracles of healing every night.  One young lady had a fused hip which caused one leg to be 1 1/2 inches shorter than the other one.  She was saved and healed the first night she came to the meeting, and her leg was made whole.
The following Sunday morning she was in our church with her husband: the following Tuesday her husband gae his heart to the Lord and last Sunday I have the privilege of baptizing them in water, as they obeyed the Lord's command.
Another Catholic family of three were all saved in this crusade and the wife and son were healed by the power of God.  God bless Brother Solbrekken as he works for the Lord.  It has been a real privilege and a great joy to work with Brother Max as his associate in these great crusades. To God be all the glory!"
1966 - Rev. S.M. Thomas - Evangel Pentecostal Tabernacle, Actor, Ontario
"Brother Max Solbrekken came to us for an 8 day crusade and during this short time - God moved in miracle working power to bring deliverance and healing to His people.  Brother Max preached under a strong anointing each night, and from the very beginning, God began to pour out His Spirit and perform miracles for His glory!
Among many who received healing was a little boy about 10 years old was blind in one eye and after prayer - immediately received his sight.  A young lad, about 7 years old, deaf and dumb, was granted a miracle - his ears were opened and be began to speak.  Also, a young girl with curvature of the spine and one leg shorter than the other, was instantly healed by the power of God.  Some were saved and number filled with the Holy Ghost.
We praise God for sending our Brother Solbrekken our way.  Revival fires are continuing to burn and God is blessing and enlarging our congregation."
1966 - Rev. Dan Marocco - Bethel Temple, Manila, Philippines
"I would like to say that your meetings were the best to have been held in Manila for the last ten years or so."
1965 - Rev. Jacob B. Toews - Glad Tidings Tabernacle, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Recently it was our pleasure to labour with Evangelist Max Solbrekken in 5 weeks of tent meetings in the city of Winnipeg.  Our church, Glad Tidings Tabernacle was one of the co-operating churches in this recent Tent Crusade.
It was refreshing and very encouraging to see genuine conversions and healings in these meetings.  Every sinner and Christian with sin in their heart was convicted by the Holy Ghost through the Word.  NEVER HAVE I SEEN A MAN PREACHER ANY BOLDER.  Brother Max is not afraid to get dangerously involved.  He has no use for that safety zone where so many Christian people are cozily located."
1965 - Rev. J.D. Harbarenko - Living Word Tabernacle, Bible Institute Radiocast, Swan River, Manitoba
"News began to spread far and wide of the Miracles that were taking place.  As these meeting progressed night after night, the altar was filled with people, some seeking salvation, some healing, others
restoration and still others the 'Baptism of the Holy Ghost'.
Many skeptics and unbelievers were confounded to see and hear the things that they did at this crusade.  I would like to say that I am behind Brother Max Solbrekken's ministry 100%.
1965 - Rev. Joseph Knapp - Kingston, Jamaica - Supervisor of International Church of Foursquare Gospel of West Indies
"We have never seen God's healing power manifest in such an outstanding way, and can truly recommend Brother Max to anyone.  He puts everything he has into his ministry and does not spare himself.  He has been the greatest boost and help to us since we have been on the Island of Jamaica!"
1965 - Pastor Ray Bradley - Evangelistic Tabernacle, Winnipeg, Manitoba
"We have been in continual revival meetings for several weeks now with Evangelist Max Solbrekken under the great tent cathedral here in the City of Winnipeg.  Hundreds and thousands of people have been stirred by Brother Solbrekken's ministry, both by radio, by the written page and by tent campaigns an auditorium campaigns across the nation.
The lame have walked - the blind are seeing and deaf ears have been unstopped during this campaign in Winnipeg.  As a co-sponsoring pastor, I am glad to say that we are co-operating in this great tent revival and we are expecting a great harvest of souls upon the completion of the campaign."
1965 - Rev. Emile Lassegues - Le Centre Evangelique, Montreal, Quebec
"Never have I seen a minister preach with more earnestness and fervor than Brother Solbrekken.  Night after night he poured out his soul in the preaching of the Word and in praying for the sick.  The sane and solid preaching of God's Word stirred Christians to seek the Lord for revival and was honoured of God in drawing a number of sinners and backsliders to Himself.  There was also several healings by which the Lord was glorified."
1965 - Rev. Borge Langerud - Independent Assemblies of God - St. Catherines, Jamaica
"We had the wonderful privilege of having one week of meetings on the Gospel Lighthouse, Ewarton, Jamaica with Evangelist Max Solbrekken and his wife.  Also Brother and Sister Fred Hunter from White Rock, B.C.  Canada.
Truly our hearts were stirred as Brother Max preached the Word of God from night to night under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  We surely could see the hand of God upon our Brother's life and every night we could see God was working with Brother Max, with signs following the preaching of God's Word.
Every night of the meetings we could see many souls at the altar seeking God for salvation and also a deeper walk with God.  It is wonderful to see men and women concerned about their soul's salvation.  We don't know for sure how many were saved and filled with the Spirit in the meetings because many came from other churches and other areas, but we can say we are satisfied with the results in our own assembly.  Some that were saved are now in our Bible School studying the Bible.  Praise God!
We can recommend our Brother Max, anywhere as a real man of God who will bless your congregation and will work together with you for the salvation of souls."
1965 - Miss Cressman - Teacher, BEREA (PAOC) French Bible College, Montreal, Quebec
"Rev. E.L. Lassegues, pastor of Le Center Evangelique, called in Evangellist Max Solbrekken, highly recommended from Vancouver, to preach at the crusade.  FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF THE FRENCH PROTESTANT CHURCHES IN QUEBEC, some of the French language newspapers of the City of Montreal carried advertising for evangelical meetings.
This is in itself a landmark and an indication of the changing public opinion and of the new propaganda of the Roman Catholic Church.  Commented one worker: "It is evident that Duplessis is dead".  Duplessis was a Nation Union Prime Minister of Quebec, and a die-hard promoted of fanatical Roman Catholic policies, that crushed all sympathy toward evangelicals.  Under the present administration, the leash has been loosed somewhat.
At times the meetings ended in a great climax of glory, as the people unanimously praised the Lord, and the Presence and Power of God moved in to do mighty things.  People easily reached out to touch the Lord.
Pastor Lassegues and Evangelist Solbrekken worked together in great harmony whether it was in visitation or in the actual meetings.  The evangelist preached with great fervor and none of the messages lost their impact from interpretation into French.
There was a spirit of conviction upon the meetings as Brother Solbrekken lashed out against present day social disorders, the disintegration of the home, apostasy of the churches, their denial of the supernatural inspiration of the Word of God, their compromise with sin and the anti-Christian movements in the world today.  None of the listeners were left in any doubt as to their standing before God."
1964 - Rev. Don Gossett - Assembly of God, Surrey, B.C. - Speaker 'Bold Bible Living Radio"
People are still talking about the tent meetings and the great things God did during those two memorable weeks, Brother Solbrekken's preaching on holiness, judgment and the second coming of Jesus Christ, and his ministry under the anointing of the Holy Ghost has challenged and stirred my soul.
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Max & Donna Solbrekken in Kelowna, 1976