Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Big Congratulations from your youngest son. I'm up north and can't get to the Great Celebration. Love you, Dad - John

John Solbrekken
6:41 AM (2 hours ago)
to me
Happy birthday Dad!! 

Can you give Mom a big Mother's Day hug for me, thanks. 

Love you guys

From: Ian H 
Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Subject: Congratulations!
To: [email protected]

Greetings Pastor Max, Wishing you a wonderful day as you celebrate two milestones in your life! 

Ian and I would love to be able to join you for your celebration but are unable; we will be thinking of you and pray you have a great evening with family and friends.

Please say hello to Donna for us, we hope you are both keeping well.

Kindest regards.

Elaine Holland
Whitecourt, AB

Arne Tumyr
5:03 PM (4 hours ago)

Dear Pastor Max!

               We wish you a great celebration with God’s blessings, in the Name of Jesus! 
We hope for the same good connection as before, in the years to come!

We thank you for all your prayers for us, and for the blessing you have been to us!
                              Kindest regards and best wishes from Arne & Astrid, Norway
   PS. A birthday gift of NOK 1000,- will be paid to your Norwegian account.