Sunday, May 19, 2013

My sister Norma was a school teacher but had suffered a nervous breakdown. She did not know who she was. A demon had taken over her mind. After you prayed for her in Jesus' name, the demon screamed and left her. Immediately, she was normal and remained that way until the end of her life. - Jack Fehr

The above video from the services is now available online. Also I would like to express a happy birthday. I and Lance and Paulus really enjoyed being a part of your 50 years of ministry. 

I remember you prayed for my sister Norma at one time when she had lost the ability to know who she was and did not understand that Satan had taken over her mind. I still remember as a child as you prayed for her. 

The demon respond in a high pitch voice, " I won't come out," At the point in the name of Jesus you command the demon to leave and it did. Boy did he put up fight. But once you put up your Spiritual sleaves that demon was no match for the blood of Christ. Norma finally came to her sound mind.  

She was asking why people were in the apartment. It was then explained to her what had happen. As a child brought up in church I have had the opportunity to see the work and miracles of God first hand up close through your Ministry of Healing. 

It was through your ministry I learned that homosexuality was opposed to the word of God. I was not sure for some time in regards to this as I had taken a course in a special need program which taught that homosexuals were people who were very special people who connected to their female side. 

Yes Pastor Max as the song they sang " I'm sure glad you came", expresses how I feel.

To be a friend to talk to you personally and to email you and to do some work for you has also enrich my life. you have no idea.
God bless you more in the years to come.

You friend Jack Fehr.