Sunday, May 26, 2013

Christ's Miracles Keep on happening in Norway, as prayer is offered in Jesus' Name. Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for HIS goodness and mercy to us all. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Says Ole Kristian Åserud, Drammen Norway
    You call it shingles, but we call it Hell’s Fire! The Doctors couldn't help me as I had a deep red rash around my entire midsection, about 8 inches high. I scratched until I thought I would lose my mind!
    Then, I heard about Max Solbrekken’s Crusade and we went to hear him preach in Oslo in 1983. The moment he touched me and prayed in Jesus’ name, I felt a COOL SENSATION running through my body and the pains were all gone!
      I fell asleep without any medication that night and when I awoke, the raw sores—where I had scratched until they bled—were all gone! The miracle has lasted until today May 5, 2013. That is 30 years without pain. And I am perfectly well today! Thank you JESUS for Your Miracle and for sending Max Solbrekken to Norway to pray for me!

                I HAD A CATARACT FOR 20 YEARS:
                                                     Says Karin Danielsen, Norway

     Just p rior to attending Max Solbrekken’s Divine Healing Services in Hokksund, Norway I had visited my Doctor. We discussed my cataract and I made the statement that I believed that God could heal me, to which he scoffed, laughed and ridiculed such a foolish statement.
     About a month later in June, 2012 I heard that Max Solbrekken would be  preaching and praying for the sick from 6 to 8 pm before doing his live TV Ministry. I attended and enjoyed the meetings very much!
      One week after Max Solbrekken prayed for me the cataract was gone. I went back to show my doctor what had happened. He was shocked, saying, “IT’S GONE. Your eye is clear!” Then he was gone! I give JESUS all the glory, honour and praise. Amen.