Monday, May 13, 2013

Hi Ken, this is a message for your Dad on his birthday. My entire family sends your Dad blessings for his day and many more years of ministry. Here's a little history from my family - Dean Milley, Lima Peru

                    Pastor Max Solbrekken with  Rev. Dean & Dr. Ruth Milley
                               at Community 10 TV Station Camrose. AB 2012

Hi Pastor Max,

I want to wish you the Best Birthday ever because 
you listened to the call of God and followed the 
way He has directed you!!

Oct 1967 a year after I was born God used you in
the life of my dad to come to Jesus Christ.  My dad
was in Lewisporte, NL attending one of your 
evangelistic campaigns and he got up to leave 
the service.  

The Holy Spirit took a hold of his heart when 
he was about to leave and you said, "If you 
don't do it for yourself do it for your family.  
Come to Christ for your family!"  In that first 
campaign you were holding in Newfoundland, 
my dad came to Christ for his family.

Years past and all my family was raised in a 
Christian home and headed to Bible college 
to study for ministry, except me.  I was a 
prodigal.  I was the son that everyone kept 
praying for because I was so messed up in sin.

Many years past by and on May 15, 1988
 - 26 years ago I left my house to commit 
suicide, but because of someones prayers 
that night I ended up there up at Camp 
Emmanuel camp grounds in that huge 

I entered the meeting that was in process 
that night and the Spirit of God hit me 
in such a strong way.   That was the night 
I found myself at the altar repenting of 
my sins.  That night God used you to 
minister to me and I was delivered 
from the demons of hell.

Thank you Pastor Max for leaving your 
work years ago and going into full time 
ministry.  God used you and today all my 
family are in a type of ministry.  My sister, 
her Husband and her son are missionaries 
in Peru, South America.  

My Brothers and their wives are in full 
time ministry in Canada with P.A.O.C 
and their families.  I am full time missionary 
through the P.A.O.C and my wife is also 
in ministry here in Peru.    

Its all because you left your full time 
work and followed the call of God 
in full time ministry.  Its because of your 
obedience we have been a part of seeing 
over 60 000 come to Christ in the past 
13 years here in Peru. That's 60 000
 souls that have come to Christ because 
you listened to the call and obeyed it. 

Thanks Pastor Max!!

Dean Milley  Lima,Peru - South America

Rev. Ken A. Solbrekken 
District Superintendent 
PAOC - Alberta & NWT