Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hello Ken, Share this with your Dad at the celebration. I know he will like it. We visited Metro Pentecostal Church tonight in Tulsa. During the Alter service, my wife Dorothy said, “Tonight reminded me of Max Solbrekken and our early days. - Peter Enns

Happy Birthday Bro. Max,   I sent this to Ken as well. Trust it will inspire, bless and encourage. - Peter Enns

To My Friend 

Give Me This Mountain! 
Caleb was aged, but he was not old. 
Past eighty five, he was still strong and bold. 
He recalled the day when he was sent out, 
Appointed by Moses, to search and to scout. 

One of just twelve, they were sent out to spy. 
To check out the land and bring back a reply. 
Moses had told them to go in God's Name. 
Walking by faith, they were staking a claim. 

He remembered the day when they had returned. 
To give the report of what they had learned. 
Ten spies had said, "No, we better stay here".
But Caleb replied, "We have nothing to fear."

After 45 years, he was back in the land. 
Retracing his steps and the things he had planned. 
He'd been delayed, but in faith Caleb cried, 
"Give me this mountain, I saw when I spied." 

He was well able, and trusting the Lord. 
He took that mountain and reaped his reward. 
God has a purpose and plan just for you. 
As you walk in faith, He will make it come true.

A Good Word 
Peter Enns ©2013