Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jesus Christ removed the cataract without any discomfort or pain. To Him belongs all the glory, honour and praise! Amen. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Says Karin Danielsen, Natherøy, Norway
Then it Happened! Last summer  (June 2012). I attended
Max Solbrekken's Crusade at Gjestegård, Hokksund,
Norway. One week after he laid his hands on my head
and prayed, it was gone! I had discussed the possibility
of Divine Healing with my Doctor about a month earlier.
He ridiculed and scoffed at such a thought.! After my
miracle I returned to him to give my testimony. He was
amazed and declared the cataract gone and then quickly
left the room. "Your eye is clear", he blurted out! I had
an opportunity to tell Pastor Max Solbrekken the good
news when I saw him at the Drammen Hall on May 4th
during Visjon Norges 10th Anniversary. Praise the Lord!

Karin Danielsen beams with joy as she had her
first opportunity to tell God' servant the Good
News of her complete healing by Jesus Christ!
All honour, glory and praise belong to Jesus 
Christ for this miracle and all miracles! Max
Solbrekken says: "I didn't do anything, except
pray. Jesus did all the heavy lifting. He gave
Karin the miracle. To Him belongs the glory."