Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Max! It was so good to see you at the 10th Anniversary of Visjon Norge TV on May 2-5. I hope the pictures turned out good. We will never forget the miracle God gave us in 1983 when Jesus did the impossible for me! - Ole Kristian Åserud, Drammen, Norway

Dear Max Solbrekken, 

Happy 80th Birthday!

I suffered with Shingles, the most painful disease we call 'Hell's Fire' 
(helvetes ild). The doctors could not help me as I had a deep red rash 
around my entire midsection, about 8 inches high. I scratched until I 
thought I would go mad. Nothing I did helped me. It only became 

Max, we heard about your meeting in Oslo in 1983 and decided to 
attend. The moment you touched me and prayed in Jesus' name, 
I felt a cool sensation running through my body and the pains were 
all gone!

That night I fell asleep immediately without any medication and when 
I awoke, the raw sores -where I has scratched myself until they bled - 
were all gone! The miracle has lasted for 30 years and I am am 
perfectly well today as you saw at Visjon Norge's TV Call Center
on Sunday May 5, 2013. 

I thank God for the miracle He gave me and for you, Max Solbrekken.

Ole Kristian Åserud
Drammen, Norway