Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hotmail: How Did Gen. Allen Run Afghanistan’s War, Plus Send 20,000+ Pages of Emails to a “Social Liaison”

Written by Gary North on November 14, 2012

General John Allen has been running America’s war in Afghanistan. He is a 4-star general. He is a Marine. But when it comes to time-management, he is the supreme allied commander.

Here is a man who did some real squeezing, so to speak. In his dealing with a “social Liaison” in Florida, he squeezed in enough time to either read or compose 20,000 emails. It may have been 30,000. In just two years.

I write a lot of emails. But, let me tell you, my hat goes off to Gen. Allen. He has put me to shame.

I mean, how does a man who is in charge of the longest war in American history have time to compose or read 20,000 emails? Or maybe 30,000?And as for that liaison officer, she must have been busy, too.

I don’t know why the media have focused on that lady’s seeming lack of official duties, not to mention her wardrobe. I think what she has done is incomparable. I mean, being a wife and mother and a liaison officer all at once, plus read/compose 20,000 to 30,000 emails, is no easy task.

I hope Congress holds hearings on this. I hope Congress will look at Gen. Allen’s daily schedule. Congress has a real avatar here. How did he find time to win the war in Afghanistan?

We are winning in Afghanistan, aren’t we? Of course we are.
I do not want to hear any whining about the Taliban. We have them boxed in. It’s just a matter of time. And emails.