Saturday, October 6, 2012

This time of the year is very special to Donna and me because it is our Wedding Anniversary and this week-end has especially been set aside in Canada for a time to give thanks to our benevolent Creator and God, and to those among us who have been helpful, generous and kind!

How thankful we should be for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the freedom from the power of evil and darkness that He gives every one of His blood-washed children. 

The  whole world was lost in sin, fear, sickness and death and then God the Son Jesus Christ the Righteous was incarnated (God in human flesh) came from Heaven to save us all. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah stated more than 700 years before His birth: "
We have so much to be thankful for in Canada, a land of freedom,  ample natural resources and rare opportunities. It is also a land with a great history, democratic principles and strong Christian faith and morals. 

And after more than a long decade of the corrupting influence of a decadent government we have become the envy of the world again with a stable, sane and level-headed government and a Prime Minister who is looked upon as the moral and economic leader of the free world.

May God bless Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family, and all those who serve us in His Government. May God bless HRH Queen Elizabeth 11 and His blessings rest upon each one reading these  lines! Amen.