Tuesday, March 9, 2021


                TODAY’S GLOBAL SITUATION   IN THE                                     LIGHT OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES!

                                 By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.

These are the Last days that the Old Testament Prophets, Jesus Christ and the Apostles spoke about! Without doubt, the Coming of our Lord is nearer now than when we first believed. Storm clouds are forming and prophetic biblical Signs are being fulfilled on a daily basis all around us! (Rom.13: 11-14)

Political unrest and international terrorism is on the increase in a dramatic fashion.  Islam is on the march across much of the Arab world with an increasingly ferocious persecution of Christian minorities. Iran, the world’s leading ‘holocaust denying nation’ and sponsor of terrorism is on the cusp of becoming a nuclear power. Hatred for Israel and Jews world-wide has risen to a feverish pitch and literally exploded in the last few years.

The devilish hatred against the nation of Israel parroted recently by deceived theologians and Church Leaders who have been seduced by Islam’s lies regarding the rights of the Jewish nation to live in their own land is unjust, evil and hypocritical. They have been seduced by Satan himself, who hates the Jews because the Jewish nation gave us JESUS our Messiah and Saviour!


They totally reject the Holy Scriptures and the historical record in their unholy campaign to destroy the nation of Israel and bring back the evil mind of Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Those ignorant theologians do not know the Holy Scriptures or the historical record of Palestine, the Jews and the Arabs.

They are Satan’s pawns and small fry and if Islam does gain power, they will get the same treatment from the hate-filled terrorist fanatics as did the victims at the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. The brief excerpts I have included in this paper should open the eyes of some of the sleep-walking religious ‘Chrislam’ followers!

According to British-based Imam Muhammad Al-Hussaini, traditional commentators from the 8th and 9th century onwards have uniformly interpreted the Qur'an to say explicitly that the Land of Israel has been given by God to the Jewish people as a perpetual covenant. Hussaini bases his argument upon Qur'an 5:21 in which Moses declares: "O my people, enter the Holy Land which God has prescribed for you, and turn not back in your traces, to turn about losers."

He cites the Qur'an commentator Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, who says that this statement is "a narrative from God … concerning the saying of Moses … to his community from among the children of Israel and his order to them according to the order of God to him, ordering them to enter the holy land."

He argued that this promise to the Jews is ever lasting, and further said: "It was never the case during the early period of Islam … that there was any kind of sacerdotal attachment to Jerusalem as a territorial claim."

According to a translation by the Islamic Law scholar Khaleel MohammedIbn Kathir (1301–1373) interpreted Qur'an 5:20-21 using the following terms: That which God has written for you'  i.e. That which God has promised to you by the words of your father Israel that it is the inheritance of those among you who believe."[16]

In 1873, Shah of Persia Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar met with British Jewish leaders, including Sir Moses Montefiore, during his journey to Europe. At that time, the Persian king suggested that the Jews buy land and establish a state for the Jewish people.

After World War I, the Sharif of Mecca, Hussein bin Ali and his son, the King Feisal of Hijaz and then of Iraq, proclaimed pro-Zionist views.[18] On March 23, 1918, , the daily newspaper of Mecca, printed the following words in support of the Balfour Declaration of 1917:

"The resources of the country [Palestine] are still virgin soil and will be developed by the Jewish immigrants (...) we have seen the Jews from foreign countries streaming to Palestine from Russia, Germany, Austria, Spain, and America. The cause of causes could not escape those who had a gift of deeper insight. 

They knew that the country was for its original sons [abna'ihi-l-asliyin], for all their differences, a sacred and beloved homeland. The return of these exiles [jaliya] to their homeland will prove materially and spiritually an experimental school for their brethren who are with them in the fields, factories, trades and all things connected to the land."[20]

On 3 January 1919, Hussein's son, King Faisal I of Iraq and Dr. Chaim Weizmann,  President of the World Zionist Organization signed the Faisal–Weizmann Agreement for Arab-Jewish cooperation, in which Faisal conditionally accepted the Balfour Declaration based on the fulfillment of British wartime promises of development of a Jewish homeland in Palestine and on which subject he made the following statement:

"We Arabs... look with the deepest sympathy on the Zionist movement. Our deputation here in Paris is fully acquainted with the proposals submitted yesterday by the Zionist Organisation to the Peace Conference, and we regard them as moderate and proper. We will do our best, in so far as we are concerned, to help them through; we will wish the Jews a most hearty welcome home... 

I look forward, and my people with me look forward, to a future in which we will help you and you will help us, so that the countries in which we are mutually interested may once again take their places in the community of the civilised peoples of the world." [21][22][23]


Morality has fallen to an all time low in the Western world with perverted Hollywood leading the way, followed by Politicians who place votes above principles and Law Makers who bend to every voice of anti-biblical lobby that want recognition of their unnatural and unhealthy lifestyles!

Would it have been possible only twenty or thirty years ago that the sacred rite of marriage instituted by Almighty God would be officially recognized to include the ‘man-on-man’ sexual perversion condemned by Holy Scripture and loathed by Society for thousands of years?

The killing of millions of unborn babies will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest sins of our perverted society. The holocaust of the unborn among Christian nations brings an automatic judgment through the necessity of importing workers from pagan nations who bring their violent form of religion with them. 

Apostasy and backsliding in the Church has increased almost exponentially and in the Western World we find ourselves in the throws of a satanic onslaught against the Holy Scriptures, Church doctrine, Godly tradition and Biblical moral values!


Francis L. Patton, godly president of Princeton University declared: "The only hope of Christianity is in the rehabilitating of the Pauline theology. It is back, back, back, to an incarnate Christ and the atoning blood, or it is on, on, on, to atheism and despair."  How true and how very sad that we have not heeded his admonition!

MARTIN LUTHER stated: "The epistle to the Romans is the true masterpiece of the New Testament and the very purest gospel, which is well worth and deserving that a Christian man should not only learn it by heart, word for word, but also that he should daily deal with it as the daily bread of men’s souls. It can never be too much or too well read or studied, and the more it is handled the more precious it becomes, and the better it tastes."

One of the most serious departures from the Faith of Jesus and God’s commandments is the diabolical high-jacking of Christian Seminaries and Bible Colleges by morally bankrupt professors who write their own rules of conduct and twist the Holy Scriptures to back up their perverted teaching!

I am referring specifically to the acceptance of homosexuality as an alternate lifestyle among parishioners and even among clergy. It is a SIN so gross and corrupting that St. Paul classified it as one that would bring the severe judgments of God upon those who refuse to repent of this evil. 

Martin Luther defined this sin as being, "so rotten and corrupting that he could not even put a name to it”.  It opens the door to many other sins which will damn souls to Hell Commenting on Rom.1: 26-28, John Wesley said: “Receiving the just recompense of their error —Their idolatry being punished with that unnatural lust, which was as horrible a dishonour to the body, as their idolatry was to God.


Commenting on Genesis 19:4-5, Martin Luther writes: “I for my part do not enjoy dealing with this passage, because so far the ears of the Germans are innocent of and uncontaminated by this monstrous depravity; for even though disgrace, like other sins, has crept in through an ungodly soldier and a lewd merchant, still the rest of the people are unaware of what is being done in secret. The Carthusian monks deserve to be hated because they were the first to bring this terrible pollution into Germany from the monasteries of Italy”.

Luther refers to “the heinous conduct of the people of Sodom as extraordinary, inasmuch as they departed from the natural passion and longing of the male for the female, which is implanted into nature by God, and desired what is altogether contrary to nature. 

"Whence comes this perversity? Undoubtedly from Satan, who after people have once turned away from the fear of God, so powerfully suppresses nature that he blots out the natural desire and stirs up a desire that is contrary to nature.”

“Luther’s rejection of homosexual activity is not merely a matter of aesthetic preference but rather a theological judgment rooted in the reality of the way the wrath of God is revealed against all ungodliness that will not acknowledge God to be the Creator and Lord that He is. For Luther, homosexuality is a form of idolatry, of false worship as we see in his lectures on Romans.”

So serious was this perversion that St. Paul dealt with it in the beginning of his letter to the Romans. He writes:  “For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth of God in unrighteousness.” (Rom.1: 18) 

This is vitally important because God knows the deceitfulness of those who twist His Word for their own purposes and must judge them!

The wrath of God is revealed from Heaven! That is terribly strong verbiage since it has been thusly expressed by Almighty God to His servants the prophets, who then made known His will in the matter!


Here is the list of defiant, disobedient and sordid acts that lead to God’s HAMMER of judgment falling upon those who follow the perverts referred to by St. Paul in Romans Chapter 1.

First, these teachers knowingly SUPPRESS the truth in unrighteousness. Not only do they reject the truth but keep others from hearing it. They keep the TRUTH hidden from those who should hear it. They knowingly ‘HOLD DOWN’ the truth and teach falsehood instead of truth, while they practice their sinful lifestyles. God promises to judge them for this abominable Sin.

Second, they KNEW BETTER. They had been enlightened. They knew God. They were privy to many of God’s great wonders and yet they turned away from Him. The Holy Record states: 

Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God had showed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead: so they are without excuse.” (Rom.1: 19, 20)

Almighty God had confided in them, placing within their spirits the truths about Himself and His creation. They KNEW by revelation as well as by observation that He is the Eternal, Ever Living, Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, Lord and Master. 

And that He is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Immutable, Infallible and Holy! His majestic works of creation cries out to a lost world that He is Transcendent and Above all, and that we are below. Beyond that, He had revealed to them His eternal power and the Mystery of the Godhead! That is why they were without excuse!

Thinking themselves to be wise they became fools and began worshipping created beings and things, similar to what the Children of Israel did in the Wilderness, when Moses was in the Holy Mount with God. Even Aaron was deceived into making a golden calf as an object of worship.


 The Bible records: “Because, that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise they became fools. And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts and creeping things.” (Rom.1: 21-23)

They bought into the devil’s BIG LIE, the same one he used on Eve: “You don’t need to listen to God. It’s OK to explore other avenues. God’s way is too narrow. You can be your own god and do your own thing!” They fell into the Sin of rebellion and pride. They became filthy, stupid, corrupt and perverted! And Satan took over totally in their hearts, minds and actions!

The downward slide didn’t take too long because when God takes His hand off a nation or a person, the Devil rushes in to fill the void. He knows exactly what to do because he has done it many times before. He is a gigantic counterfeiter, trickster and manipulator. He is the slickest of thieves, liars and smooth talkers. And although he is a deceiver extraordinaire, he is nasty, cruel and sadistic.  Don’t forget that the fallen Archangel, the Devil is a killer and murderer and greatest of all Terrorists!


Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves: who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, Who is blessed forever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature.” (Rom.1: 24-26)

And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which is not convenient: 

Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,  without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” (Rom. 1: 27-32) 


You may ask: What is the greatest sin? Where did it all begin? The answer is found in the first chapter of Romans which I have been discussing. 

It is the sin of refusing to honour God as our Creator. The SIN of believing that someone other than God is our Creator; that we could have evolved from the world of created things and not from the eternal living God of all creation!  That is the beginning of the fall of mankind.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan deceived Eve by lying to her about the veracity, truthfulness and authority of the Almighty, Sovereign God, Creator and Giver of life! He questioned her regarding God’s warning concerning disobeying His command. Then he sought to confuse Eve by intimating that he knew more than the Creator who was trying to keep to himself something she would enjoy!

The LIAR stated: “You shall not surely die. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil.” (Gen.3: 1-7)

The Evil One tempted the woman with the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. She succumbed to the temptation and drew her husband with her into committing high treason against their Creator!  

This was the greatest tragedy ever to befall mankind in all of human history with the most horrific ramifications which have devastated the planet and untold millions of people during the past many thousands of years!


The Holy Bible declares that the Eternal God is the creator of all things: “Thus saith the Lord God Who created the heavens, and stretched them out; He that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; He that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and the spirit to them that walk in it.” (Isaiah 42: 5)

Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and His Maker, Ask of Me of things to come concerning My sons, and concerning the work of My hands, command ye Me. I have made the earth, and created man upon it: I, even My hands, have stretched out the heavens, and all their hosts have I commanded.” (Isaiah 45:11,12; Gen 1:1-11; John 1:1-3; Col.1:16; Eph.3: 9; Rev.4:11; 10:6)

The Devil (gr. liar) then introduced a more daring lie, ‘The evolutionary Theory’ which is rampant in the earth today.

It is indeed the greatest sin of all sins because it contradicts the Word of God and calls Him a liar for stating unequivocally that He has made us and gives us life. And then, adding insult to injury by saying that human kind who was made in the image of God, evolved from an APE… from the animal kingdom!

Because, that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise they became fools. And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts and creeping things.” (Rom.1: 21-23)

They knew that God was their Creator. They knew that He had made all things and that He was Sovereign. They knew it because God had shown it to them by His marvelous creation. He had revealed Himself to them, yet they did not glorify Him as God. 

They were unthankful and began searching for other avenues to discover their origin. That is when God allowed them to become perverted and start worshipping created things like the human body, animals and even snakes and other creeping things!

They knew the truth and Who they belonged to but refused to glorify Him, worship Him and obey Him, therefore God turned them over to a reprobate spirit and a darkened mind. He lifted His Holy Spirit from them and they became reprobates and the sins of perversion followed with every other known sin on its heels!

The SIN of denying Almighty God as the Creator of all things including human life opens the door for every other perverted sin. That is why the theory of evolution is so evil and damnable! The only nation that has outlawed the theory of Evolution at its highest level is Israel, the nation that has more Nobel Prize winners than any other nation.


The Jerusalem Post (April 2, 1983) carried the following report: “Evolution was tried in Jerusalem last week and found guilty of failing to meet the standards of a scientific theory by the First Congress of Inquiries into the origin of life and evolution…

But, most after rejecting the theory of Evolution on scientific grounds failed to offer an alternate theory to account for the origin and development of life. Instead they affirmed their belief in Divine creation.

The aims of the Conference were to explain that it is incorrect to present the theory of Evolution as unchallengeable, and to show much of it as having been refuted. The Education Ministry circularized all Schools, Principals and Supervisors to attend. The Congress was organized by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev sponsored by Israel’s Ministry of Education. It was held on the Mount Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.”                 


The Encyclopaedia Britannica states that in its “broadest sense science is learning and knowledge”. The Oxford Dictionary states that “science is systematic and formulated learning” and yet another dictionary says that “science is knowledge that rests on proof.”

NAZI Germany’s scientists declared: “Science has demonstrated that Germans  (Arians) are the Master Race”, and for seventy years the Soviet Union’s scientists declared: “Science has proved that there is no God”. In 1972 Leonid Brezhnev stated: “We Soviets are no longer homo sapiens. We are `homo sovieticus`a super race.”  And God brought them down!

Infidel Science in Canada, USA and world-wide, (except Israel) teaches that the theory of Evolution is the only viable, rational approach to the study of the origins of all things. Infidel Science is a revolutionary philosophy better known as `foolosophy`!

St. Paul warned: “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee, Amen.” (1 Tim.6: 20, 21)


More than seventy five years ago, Rev. C. Leopold Clarke, a lecturer at a London Bible College delivered a message called ‘Evolution and the Break-up of Christendom’, which seems even more on target today than in 1930. Here are some of the powerful words he chose to define this monstrous sin:

Evolution [is] the greatest and most active agent of moral and spiritual disintegration. It is a battering-ram of unbelief—a sapping and mining operation that intends to blow Religion sky-high.4 The one thing which the human mind demands in its conception of God, is that, being Almighty, He works sovereignly and miraculously—and this is the thing with which Evolution dispenses.5 Already a tremendous effect, on a wide scale, has been produced by the impact of this teaching—an effect which can only be likened to the … collapse of foundations. … The faith of the Christian Church and of the average Christian has had, and still has, its foundation as much in the [truth] of the account of Creation, as in that of the person of Christ …6


But how horrible a travesty of the sacred office of the Christian Ministry to see [church leaders] more eager to be abreast of the times, than “earnestly contending for the Faith once for all delivered unto the saints” [Jude 1:3]. …

It is high time that the Church separated herself from the humiliating entanglement attending her desire to be thought up to date, and to escape the charge of ignoranceWhat, after all, have the custodians of Divine Revelation to do making terms with speculative Biology, which has, and can have, no message of comfort or help to the soul?7.

The trend of present day science is not to help men find God, but to lose Him. … 
Having decided for us that we have no objective Spiritual certainty, [certain evolutionary scientists] are kindly formulating plans by which we may keep the vestiges of the Church and the motives of virtue without [spiritual certainty], … busy telling us in what light we are to regard Jesus Christ, other than as the “express Image of the Father’s Person” [Heb. 1:3]. …And these [evolutionary scientists] are the men that organised Christianity delights to honour, and to give the chief places at its feasts!8


The essence of [unfaithfulness] is to contradict the Divine Redeemer, and that most assuredly is done in the [modernist Bible] Commentaries. That it should be done while reverence is professed, is an illustration of the intellectual and moral topsy-turvydom of Modernism. …He whom God hath sent speaketh the Words of God,” claimed Christ of Himself [John 3:34], and no assumption of error can hold water in the face of that 'declaration, without blasphemy.9

There is no evidence against the Bible, but there is the violent prejudice of the modern spirit and the modern cast of mind—the spirit that reckons God Himself to be out of date. 

It is obvious, of course, that the “falling away” of Christendom from the faith of God could not proceed while the Bible held its rightful place in the judgment of the generation. It has been displaced, as was foretold [2 Thess. 2:11], by the invasion of the modern intellect with the “strong delusion that shall believe a lie.”  There is no evidence against the Bible, but there is the violent prejudice of the modern spirit and the modern cast of mind—the spirit that reckons God Himself to be out of date.

If the teaching of Evolution … is inconsistent with the Revelation of God in the Deity of Jesus Christ; if it is another Spirit, teaching another Gospel; if it is a frank apostasy from “the Truth as it is in Jesus”; no considerations of Christian charity, of tolerance, of policy, can exonerate those Christian leaders or Churches who fail to condemn, and to sever themselves from such teachers and such teaching. 
Under the shelter of “scholarship” there stands a compromising, cowardly, shilly-shallying company of men today …” 10

WOW...That is strong. I say, Amen to that.!!!


   The Mormons still teach Joseph Smith’s ridiculous delusion: “As man is now God once was and as God now is man may become”.  What Nonsense! Here is a simple yet profound question for the Mormon leadership:  “If God was once a man like we are but became God at a later date, Who created the man that became God?”
     Their teachings about God are as ridiculous as that of Joseph Smith’s regarding the MOON: “The inhabitants of the moon are more of a uniform size than the inhabitants of the earth, being about 6 feet in height.
     “They dress very much like the Quaker style and are quite general in style, fashion or dress. They live to be very old: coming generally, near a thousand years. 
   This is the description of them as given by Joseph the SEER, and he could ‘see’ whatever he asked the father in Jesus name to see.” (‘Journal of Oliver B. Huntington’, Volume 3, page 166 of typed copy at Utah State Historical Society)
     On July 24, 1870, Brigham Young, the second President of the Mormon L.D.S. made this ridiculous statement:
   “Who can tell us of the inhabitants of this little planet that shines of an evening, called the MOON? …when you inquire about the inhabitants of that sphere you find the most learned are as ignorant in regards to them as the ignorant of their fellows.  So it is in regard to the inhabitants of the SUN.  Do you think it is inhabited?  I rather think it is.  Do you think there is any life there?  No question of it; it was not made in vain.” (Journal of Discourses, Volume 13, page 271 – July 24, 1870)
    How any intelligent person could believe this clap trap is a mystery. This is Not Christianity. It is pagan at its foundation and blasphemy at its core. An invention of Satanic origin!
  Jarrod and Sandra Towner write in ‘Mormonism – Shadow or Reality?’:  “By the year 1844 Joseph Smith had completely disregarded the teachings of the Book of Mormon, for he declared that God was just an exalted man and that men could become Gods.  He states as follows:    
  “First God himself, who sits enthroned in yonder heavens, IS A MAN like unto yourselves that is the great secret… I’m going to tell you how God came to be God.  We have imagined that God was God from all eternity… God himself is the father of us all dwelt on an earth the same as Jesus Christ himself did… You have to learn how to become gods yourselves; … No man can learn you more than what I have told you.” (Times & Seasons, Volume 15, page 613-614)
   The Mormon apostle Orson Pratt made this statement concerning Mormon doctrine of a plurality of gods:  “If we should take a million of worlds like this and number their particles, we should find that there are more gods than there are particles of matter in these worlds…” (Journal of Discourses, Volume 2, page 3-5)
     The Mormon Latter Day Saints teaches that ‘God the Father’ had a father, and that God’s father also had a father, and so on. Brigham Young, the second President of the Mormon L.D.S. made these statements:
     “He (God) is our father – the father of our spirits, and was once a man in mortal flesh as we are, and is now an exalted being.
     “How many gods there are, I do not know.  But there never was a time when there were not gods…It appears ridiculous to the world, under their darkness and erroneous traditions, that God has once been a finite being…” (Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, page 333)
                               BELIEVE IN JOSEPH SMITH!
     Heber C. Kimball, who was a member of the First Presidency, made these observations: “…then we shall go back to our father and God, who is connected with one who is farther back; and this father is connected with one still farther back, and so on…” (Journal of Discourses, volume  5, page 19)
  “…for our God is a natural man…the first of all mechanics.  Where did he get his knowledge from?  From his father, just like we get our knowledge from our earthly parents.” (Ibid., Volume 8, page 211)
    Joseph Smith stated on July 26, 1857: “I want you to tell them, and tell all the great men of the earth that the Latter Day Saints are to be their redeemers… 
  Believe in Godbelieve in Jesus, and believe in Joseph his prophet, and in Brigham his successor.  And I add, if you will believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph was a prophet, and that Brigham was his successor, you shall be saved in the kingdom of God…”(Journal of Discourses, Volume 6, page 229)
                                THIS IS PURE HERESY!
  In the ‘History of the Church’, Volume 7, page 281, Brigham Young made this blasphemous statement:  
    “Every spirit that confesseth that Joseph Smith is a prophet, that he lived and died a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true, is of God, and every spirit that does not is of anti-Christ”.
     Joseph Fielding Smith, the tenth President of the Mormon L.D.S., says that there is no salvation without accepting Joseph Smith:  
    “If Joseph Smith was verily a prophet, and if he told the truth… then this knowledge is of the most vital importance to the entire world.  No man can reject that testimony without incurring the most dreadful consequences, for he cannot enter the kingdom of God”. (Doctrines of salvation, Volume 1, page 89-190)
                          WHAT BLASPHEMOUS STATEMENTS
      How stupid and deceived Joseph Smith and Brigham Young really were! To think that people could believe such garbage is almost unbelievable! New Agers and Secular Humanists actually believe that they are equal to God or more intelligent than their Creator!
     These poor deluded souls think they are Gods or in the process of becoming Gods! How Satan must rejoice, having deceived millions of otherwise intelligent people!
   It is possible that some may end up like Adolf Hitler, who was obsessed with clairvoyants and spiritist mediums! The infamous murderer who called himself Den Fuhrer (the leader) had God’s name inscribed on his soldiers’ belt buckles. 
     No doubt Hitler was referring to himself as God, for even though he was a Roman Catholic, he violated God’s laws, murdering and killing six million Jews and millions more who were a threat to his diabolical regime!

  Adolf Hitler often voiced his fear and distrust of Germany’s Evangelical Christians. They rejected him and his New Age beliefs and clung to the Gospel of Christ, even in the face of death!


In His book, The Keys of this Blood’ Jesuit theologian Dr. Malachi Martin wrote: “Most frighteningly for [Pope] John Paul [II], he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries. It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the ‘superforce.’ Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963.

If Dr. Malachi Martin was the only authority sounding the alarm about devil worship in the Catholic Church, the whole affair would simply be dismissed as the outrageous accusations of a single cleric. But as far back as 1976, Pope Paul VI shocked a papal audience by confiding that, "The smoke of Satan has entered the very sanctuary of St. Peter's Cathedral."

The Pontiff went on to explain that he had knowledge of a midnight hour, Black Satanic Mass having been conducted at the altar of St. Peter's, on the exact spot where the Pope himself regularly says mass. 

Already reeling from Martin's accusations and stung by the memorable revelations of a previous pontiff, the Catholic hierarchy was further set back on its combined heels in Rome last November.

With thousands in attendance at Rome's Fatima 2000 International Congress on World Peace, a respected Archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo, strode to the podium. The crowd gasped as they heard Milingo solemnly affirm that members of the Catholic Church hierarchy are secretly involved in the darkest kinds of formal Satan worship. Archbishop Milingo, an exorcist, is author of a best-selling book exposing the occult, Face to Face With the Devil.

In his speech, Milingo called Satan worship the "Third dimension of Evil," and explained: Now, the third dimension (of evil) is the most dangerous. It is subtle and the most terrible--. I could not believe when I discovered this third dimension of evil. The third dimension is people who follow instructions in satanic sects--.

Note: All of the above has been documented by Texe Marrs and can be found in a number of books written by Roman Catholic scholars.

Spero News published, "The Smoke of Satan in the House of the Lord...and deliver us from the evil one," an interview with the Vatican's chief exorcistFather Gabriele Amorth by Stefano Maria Paci Thursday, March 16, 2006:

AMORTH: The first time I met Father Pellegrino Ernetti, a famous exorcist who served for 40 years in Venice, I said to him: If I could meet the Pope, I would tell him that I encounter too many bishops who do not believe in the Devil ’

The next afternoon, Father Ernetti came back to me to tell me that, that morning, he had been received by John Paul II. Your Holiness’, he said, there is an exorcist here in Rome, Father Amorth, who would tell you if he met you that he knows too many bishops who do not believe in the Devil ’

The Pope replied bluntly: ‘Anyone who does not believe in the Devil does not believe in the Gospel’That was what the Pope said and I say it again. 

AMORTH: The fearsome decline of the faith throughout Catholic Europe implies that the people turn to occultists and clairvoyants and, meanwhile, the Satanic sects prosper. The cult of the Devil is proclaimed to entire peoples through the Satanic rock music of individuals like Marilyn Manson. Even children are not immune from this assault – their comics teach them magic and Satanism.

Seances are very common, in which the dead are summoned in search of answers. Today, people can hold seances by computer, telephone, television and recorders. Spiritist writing is popular. They don’t even need mediums any more. This is ‘do-it-yourself’ spiritism. Surveys have found that 37 per cent of students have played with a ouija board at least once. This is a seance proper. At a school where I was invited to speak, the pupils told me that they even did this during their religious instruction period with the teacher’s encouragement.” 


The sad truth is that unless we have Divine intervention by the Holy Spirit in the Christian Church with all its diverse groups and denominations, we will be in very serious trouble as we move closer and closer to the Coming of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Writing in his 1942 periodical Golden Grain’, Dr. Charles S. Price quoted A.G Ward, one of the PAOC’s early leaders: The age in which the church was most completely separated from the world was the age in which Christianity was most victorious in the world.” (Gleanings)

MALCOLM MUGGERIDGE wrote: “Christ is the only answer to an insane world. They will not understand that the trouble with the western world civilization is not economics, but more - good and evil! They are thinking they can make things work by policies, inventions, but man will never live on this planet without God!”

BLAISE PASCAL warns, “If they turn away from God, one of two things can happen. They will think they are gods and go mad or turn to carnality and become animals”.

GEORGE BERNARD SHAW stated, “I am ready to admit after contemplating the world and human nature for sixty years, that I see no way out of the world’s miseries but by the way that would be found by Christ’s will”.

WILLIAM GLADSTONE, Prime Minister, statesman and one of Great Britain’s greatest legal minds during the 19th Century, said: “Talk about the questions of the day! There is but one question, and that is the Gospel. That can and will correct everything! I am glad to say that about all the men at the top in Great Britain are Christians. I have been in public positions fifty-eight years, all but eleven of them in the Cabinet of the British government, and during those forty-seven years have been associated with sixty of the master - minds of the century, and all but five were Christians”!


Malcolm Muggeridge, celebrated Journalist, BBC Correspondent and Atheist made real waves among the world’s leading journalists and academics when he gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ. In October 1978, Malcolm Muggeridge gave some lectures on Blaise Pascal at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. Here is his take on the Evolutionary Theory:

I myself am convinced that the theory of evolution, especially to the extent to which it’s been applied, will be one of the great jokes in the history books in the future. Posterity will marvel that so very flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has. I think I spoke to you before about this age as one of the most credulous in history, and I would include evolution as an example.

I’m very happy to say I live near a place called Piltdown. I like to drive there because it gives me a special glow. You probably know that a skull was discovered there and no less than FIVE HUNDRED DOCTORAL THESES were written on the subject and then it was discovered that the skull was a practical joke by a worthy dentist in Hastings who’d hurriedly put a few bones together, not even from the same animal, and buried them and stirred up all this business. So I’m not a great man for bones.”


Here is my question to this credulous generation of educated fools: “When will you say, “Enough already!! I will no longer be the Devil’s fool. I’ve had it up to my eyebrows with the filth and stench and LIES of the New Age Movement, false religious cults, the alcohol and drug culture, the perverted Music Scene and the Political Correct deception which pushes man-on-man sexuality and blows smoke in the face of God?”

With General Joshua, I declare: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15) And I say with St. Paul: “Be of good cheer for I believe God, that is shall be even as it was told me.” (Acts 27: 25). 

Will you not like Simon Peter cry out to the only ONE who can save you: “Save me I perish” (Matt.14:30) and with the Penitent who smote his breast and said: “Be merciful to me a sinner, O God.” (Luke 18:13)

Our Lord Jesus Christ waits for all who will call upon His name in humility, trust and faith. He has promised to hear us and answer us when we pray. The Bible declares: “For the Son of God, Jesus Christ Who was preached among you...was not yea and nay (yes and no), but in Him was yea (Yes). For all the promises of God in Him are yea (yes) and in Him Amen, unto the glory of God by us.” (2 Cor.1:19, 20)

You can depend on Jesus Christ to practice what He preached and to answer your prayers when you earnestly desire to enter into His presence and receive His blessings. The Word of God states:

That if thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shall believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness: and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Rom.10:9-13; Joel 2:32)

  The Bible says: “Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by His own blood He entered in once into the Holy Place, having obtained eternal redemption for us...How much more shall the blood of Christ, Who through the Eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the Living God?” (Heb. 9: 12-14)

And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sins...For Christ is not entered into the Holy Places made with hands, which are the figures of the true; but into Heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God for us. 

"So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation.” (Heb.9:22-28)

SIN is an abomination in the sight of God and a stench in His nostrils. In the Garden of Eden, He promised a Redeemer - born of “the seed of the woman” referring to His Virgin Birth – Who would “crush the Serpent’s head”. (Gen. 3:15) The only way He could redeem mankind was for a substitute to die in our place.

He instituted the Sacrificial system so that innocent animals would be sacrificed in order to atone for the sins of Adam and his after followers, until the time appointed when He would send His own Son to be incarnated (God in human flesh) to be the perfect sacrifice to put away sin forever.

The Law of Moses demanded that there be blood sacrifices to atone for sins: “For the life of the flesh is in the blood: And I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls; For it is the blood that maketh atonement for the soul.” (Lev. 17:11)


He came into this world to redeem us. He took our place so that we could live. The Holy Record states: “For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. But God commendeth His His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Much more then, being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him. For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by HIS LIFE.” (Rom.5: 6-10)


In closing, I share this powerful witness: A Danish Missionary lay on his death bed after giving many years of his life to God on the mission field. Here were his last words before crossing the great divide between time and eternity: “I have gone bankrupt in everything. I have nothing left but the blood of Jesus and with that I will approach God!”

What a great testimony! The blood of Jesus Christ defeated Satan, brought our blessed Saviour back from the dead and it is our only sure and certain access to Heaven!

The Bible says: “Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, make you perfect in every good work to do His will, working in you that which is well pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ; to Whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” (Heb.13: 20, 21)

One of the great hymns of the Church is Rock of Ages’ written in 1763 by Augustus Toplady who was travelling along the Gorge of Burrington Combe in the Mendip Hills of England. Getting caught in a storm, the preacher found shelter in a gap in the Gorge and scribbled the initial lyrics on a playing card:

Not the labor of my hands can fulfill Thy law’s demands; Could my zeal no respite know, could my tears forever flow, All for sin could not atone; Thou must save, and Thou alone. Nothing in my hand I bring, Simply to Thy cross I cling; Naked, come to Thee for dress; Foul, I to the fountain fly; Wash me, Saviour, or I die.

I say, “Hallelujah and Amen”! My Prayer: May not a single person reading this article be lost! In Jesus’ name, Amen.