Friday, March 5, 2021

                 JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME                  YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER

  Geraldine Rideout healed in 1968 of  osteo genesis imperfecto in PAON Conference, Nfld. She had not been able to stand or walk. First person according to medical science who has been healed of that disease. She was 16 years old, 2 1/2 feet tall and weighed 25 lbs.  Started school at 21, graduated. Travelled as a Gospel singer for 17 years, got married at 48. Died recently at 64 years of ago. All praise, honour and glory to Jesus Christ our Lord! 

              Geraldine Rideout, 1983 at Faith Cathedral, Edmonton            
  She  sang gospel songs and testified of her miracle across  
She was loved by everyone, medical doctors and  the Media!


Max Solbrekken & Thorbjorn Martinsen 
Filadelfia Tabernaklet, Oslo, Norway, 1973