Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dr. Max Solbrekken:

We are so thrilled that you will be able to speak on Friday 7:00 pm March 28th at our First Nations Gospel Jamboree at the Sands Motor Inn in Edmonton. I know how busy you are and appreciate it so much. We all know how much you love our First Nations people and that you have been adopted as an Indian Chief in two British Columbia Reserves and also a member of the Alberta Metis Association.

You will notice that your friend Harry Rusk, the first full - blooded Indian to appear on the Grand Old Oprey with his friend Hank Snow will be with us also. I have read Harry Rusk's testimony of how God used you to win him to Christ and how God healed his son through your prayers and that sealed the deal for him to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour!

Thank you, Brother Max. It has been a joy travelling with you in crusades and being on TV with you on Community 10 in Camrose. The DVD of our interview is great. I hope you have some with you on Friday night. I can't wait to view the TV interview you are planning to do with Harry and Gladys Rusk.

In His Service,
Allan Beaver