Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Dear Brother Max,
Re. your message on 'The Faith of Abraham':
This is a truthful and powerful message, one that God has reminded me of the promises he made to me in 1989. I was afflicted with what man calls MS because of disobedience to the living God, this as you know, gives Satan the authority to plaque a Christian. Upon searching my heart and walk with our Lord, I realized my sin and repented in deepest earnest and tears. The Lord forgave me and filled me with such peace. (Phil 4:7)
He placed two scriptures in my head that I repeat every day since 1989 and the are Phil 4:7 and 1Thes 5:18.

He said he would heal and restore my health in due time, his peace has been so tangible in my daily life ever since that day, that I have had total inner peace and that is 25 years ago.
I have had no doubt about his promise, but as you stated, we become complacent.
About two months ago I really was impressed to quote and claim the promises of God for healing and restoration. There are physical things that are taking place in my life, firstly, I can talk without sounding like a total drunk, there are other things that are transpiring but the one thing that you remember me for is my whistling. I never did this on purpose, it was just a part of me. Well, I haven't been able to whistle for 25 years no matter how hard I tried. Well, praise the Lord, I can whistle like a bird again, not like I used too but it is improving.

I just had to share that this message really spoke to me and encouraged my faith in our wonderful Saviour.

Bro Ken Reuer