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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Cleansing Wave Gospel Church
Experiencing an Awakening!
                Dr. Max & Donna Solbrekken with Rev. Hjordis  Simonsen, 1985. 
                   Everyone welcome at the House of God: Service Sun. 10:45 
               Brad Edwards,  Max Solbrekken and Dave Sollid stand in
                   front of the beautifully restored Full Gospel Mission at  
                           the Historical Site in Sprague, Manitoba.

 Last week-end we enjoyed the blessing of God in Sprague, MB. For many years, Donna and I have been inextricably linked with the Cleansing Wave Gospel Church in that beautiful town on Highway 12. My first time there was in 1965, the day before our large tent crusade in Steinbach in which Sister Simensen was also involved. 
     On another occasion, my brother Fred and Marion who were living in Winnipeg,  brought me to the little Full Gospel Mission, five miles out of town. As I finished preaching, both Fred and Marion knelt at the old fashioned altar and asked for Christ's forgiveness. As I laid my hands on Marion, she fell over and was filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues.
  The Full Gospel Mission congregation then built a beautiful Sanctuary on Main Street in the town of Sprague. Great revivals have been the hallmark of that wonderful church. The old sanctuary has recently been moved into Sprague's Heritage site and expertly restored, and is a testimony to the labours of Rev. Gudro and Hjordis Simonsen, who came from Norway as missionaries in the 1930s. After Gudro passed away, the torch was passed to Rev. Hjordis who was much younger, and together with a strong congregation they continued to grow and thrive. 
      Sister Simonsen would often bring their young people to sing in our crusades in Winnipeg. One of those young men was Robert Taves who was mentored by Rev. Hjordis Simonsen and trained by extension, through the Canadian Bible Academy in Edmonton. He preached the Word of God faithfully during his time as pastor of that Assembly. In 2002, after his departure to Alberta, the Church board voted unanimously to officially turn the church and the responsibility of it to the Solbrekken Evangelistic Association of Canada. 
   We were led to change the name of the church to CLEANSING WAVE GOSPEL CHURCH referring to the blood of Christ as a cleansing wave to save, deliver and heal lost humanity,
     A number of Ministers have helped fill the pulpit since then, including Magnar Bremnes who served as an assistant pastor to Rev. Simonsen for two years. Rev. George Goertsen, who had received a miracle in his arm in our 1965 Winnipeg Crusade,  ministered effectively in Sprague for a while.
    Then my son, Pastor Ken Solbrekken and I, installed Herrman Funk as pastor of  Cleansing Wave Gospel Church and he has laboured as a soldier of the Cross, until recently. We thank all who have so graciously given their time to the Lord at this House of God! After being in the great presence of God last week-end, I heard Him say, "Revival is here. The church is coming back to the Cross and the blessed Holy Spirit. He desires to make Jesus Christ's power available to every believer!" Amen.

 Your servants for Jesus' sake,   
Pastor Max & Donna Solbrekken   
2 Cor 4: 5 / Heb. 13: 8

Danny Vogt & Group

Tomita Eklund, Roseau, Minnesota

Lloyd Coston, Sprague

Gospel Singer Tilly Harder sings 'God Send a Healing' with great anointing & emotion, remembering her marvelous deliverance at age 11 under Pastor Max in the 1965 Gospel Tent, Steinbach, MB.