Friday, April 5, 2024


                                                  By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.


       God's Servant, Pastor Len Laboucan ministering at Christ                   the Healer Gospel Church, Saskatoon, Sk. (2010) 

The Laboucan's story of God’s favour and blessings in their lives is amazing and I feel so inadaquent to relate it. But I must allow God to get all the glory for what He has done through  Moshe and Len Laboucan's lives! They have a powerful testimony of God’s love, mercy and grace.  A message of salvation from alcohol, suicide, death and hell! 

Leonard’s testimony witnesses to a “Living God”, a God who involves Himself in people’s lives today.  It is not hard to believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, when you hear him relive his “experience with God”!

Jesus Christ is interested in us.  His Gospel is relevant today.  He is ready, able and willing to intervene in our situations.  He has authority over all the powers of darkness!  And He is working miracles in the lives of multitudes where the gospel is preached and practiced!


From his earliest recollections, there was always ‘booze’ in Leonard’s home!  His Mom and Dad were alcoholics. They would often leave the children to fend for themselves - for a week or longer - while they were imbibing!

Because Leonard was the eldest, he would sometimes have to steal from neighbours to get food for himself and his siblings!

One day while walking in the woods, he discovered an idol carved out of a tree stump.  He noticed that people would worship, pray to and bring expensive gifst to this god!  Since he had poor clothes and not enough to eat, he began to steal from the tree-stump-god who had eyes, ears and a mouth but could not see, hear nor speak!

It wasn’t long until people realized that their gifts were being pilfered, by Leonard.  And they warned him that “something terrible” was about to happen to him!

At about that time, he began to think about ending it all.  He reasoned that since he had nothing to live for, he might as well kill himself!  Satan - that lying devil - had pulled the wool over Leonard’s eyes!

Late one moonlit night he took the old shotgun and some shells and headed toward the woods to ‘do himself in’.  As he walked into the bush, he looked heavenward and cried, “Is there a real God?  Is there a God out there who cares”?

He put the gun barrel under his chin and activated the trigger.  Nothing happened.  There was only a little click.  Leonard looked at the gun in frustration, rested it on his right foot and pulled the trigger!

It went off and an awful fear filled his heart.  He realized that Satan almost had him!  Blood was oozing out of his shoe as he had blown off his right toe!  He threw down the firearm and began walking toward the cut-line, crying out:  “Is there a God?  Is there a God who cares”?

Suddenly, a bright flash of light illuminated the sky.  He looked to the east and saw the most unusual, spectacular and welcome sight he had ever witnessed!  The most wonderful man he had ever seen “appeared in the sky” looking directly at him!

A surge of goodness, peace and love flooded his entire being from “head to toe”.  Instantly all the pain left him and the blood stopped pouring out of his foot!  For about ten minutes, Leonard’s gaze was fixed on this awesome man, whose eyes were filled with love and compassion and spoke without using words!

He said, “I am the Real God.  I am the Way, Truth and Life.  Come to Me and I will give you peace”!

He began to fade away and Leonard recounts: “I cried out, No. Don’t leave me.”  He smiled, letting me know that He had accepted me.  Then He stretched out His hands and I saw the nail-prints and knew this was the same JESUS I had seen paintings of in the Catholic Church.

“I had wondered why the ‘man on the cross’ had suffered so terribly.  Now, I understood that He had suffered and died for me - FOR MY SINS!

“A radical change took place in the next couple of years as revival came to our family and community.  Johnny Okemow and other preachers visited our village, and we began to attend Max Solbrekken’s ‘Sandy Lake Bible Camp’ each summer!

Presently, about 70% of our people are Bible-believing, born-again Christians.  Hallelujah!"


On a crusade tour of Norway, together with myself, Leonard testified:  “On Easter Sunday, 1993, my father Moshe (Moses) was miraculously healed while lying on his death-bed in the University Hospital, Edmonton!

“He had been in a diabetic coma for 2 ½ months, on a life support system.  His kidneys had stopped functioning, his liver was white and his blood almost black.  One lung had collapsed and the doctors thought that he might be brain dead.  They gave us 2 to 5% chance that he would regain consciousness!

“The physicians decided that they would unplug the machines and let him die, as there was no hope.  I refused to sign the release unless they granted us an extension of seven days!

On Thursday evening, Donna and I were in the office packing up things for my journey to Norway and Russia the next morning. About ten o'clock, Len Laboucan called with an emergency, begging me if I were at the office to pick up the phone. 

\Len said. "This is an emergency. They will shut down my Dad's life support on Sunday. If you can, please come and pray for Moses before they pull out all the plugs!   

We left for the hospital immediately. Moses' wife was in the room when Len and I arrived. I shared God's Word for about 15 minutes and then we prayed. 

I felt the presence of God in a very powerful way. I prayed with great unction almost lost in the Spirit. I reminded the Lord that 25 years earlier in that same hospital, I had prayed for  a young man who was unconscious from a brain injury and that he awakened three days later well and resumed a normal lifestyle. 

Then I stopped and said, "Lord as you awakened that young man three days later, let this man Moses Laboucan awaken within three days. Amen.

I was in Europe when it happened on Sunday morning. Len came down early to be with his Dad alone. As he walked into the Intensive Care Unit, he felt a wind strike him in the chest. As he walked into his dad's room he felt lighthearted. 

For 2 1/2 months he had stood and cried, but now he felt joyous. He said, "Moses, Today is Resurrection Sunday. Are you just going to lie there or are you going to get up and walk?"

All of a sudden his Dad's little legs began to move up and down. He grabbed the railings of his bed and with tubes in his nose and mouth, he said, “Get me out of here. I have much work to do!"

 The nurses and doctors rushed into the room. A nurse had a large hypodermic needle in her hand. Len asked, "What are you going to do?" She said, "I’m going to calm him down." He said, "Don't touch him. He's been quiet too long!"

Within ten days Moses Laboucan walked out a well man, to the glory of God! The doctors report said, ' heart affected, bladder infected, liver white, blood black, one lung collapsed, brain probably dead. Across the report he wrote MIRACLE MAN!

 Moses passed away last year, 25 years after he had been ‘given up’ to die. I had the privilege of preaching at his funeral and today again it is my privilege to share again at his Memorial Service. All Glory & Praise to Jesus Christ our Lord forever and ever. Amen.