Sunday, April 21, 2024

                            By Joseph Allinger    
                      JESUS HEALS TODAY              


           IS NOT CHRIST THE SAME TODAY?                                  By Pastor Joseph Allinger

 More than 60 years ago, Pastor Joseph Allinger sent me the folllowing poem.  'Is Not Christ the Same?' I was a young preacher believing God to perform His miracles through our ministry and He did! I have quoted it hundreds of times in Churches and Crusades, and carried in our Magazine as well!

                                                               - Max Solbrekken

They are waiting all around us, the blind, the halt, the lame asking us to come and help them, saying, "Is not Christ the same?" 

He who healed blind Bartimaeus, sent him happy on his way; healed the lame man at Bethesda, Is He not the same today? Have the years His power diminished, Has His light with time grown dim? Has the healing of our bodies now become too hard for Him? 

No, our Lord is always changeless, He is still “All power” today; He whose Word our bodies fashioned can the quickening word still say. Oh! how long has Satan bound them, kept them in his terrible grip; While we who are Christ’s disciples, serve Him only with our lip. 
When they call us to deliver, all too often they are told; Miracles do not now happen as they did in days of old. They are told, “Just trust the doctors, Take their pills and tonics too; Let them cut away your organs, they’re the only help for you!”

He who is the Great Physician pleads with us His power to prove; There is not a sin or sickness faith in Him will not remove.
He has said, “These signs will follow all who on My Name believe; New tongues spoken, demons cast out and the sick, their health receive.” O’ dear Jesus, Thou who pitied suffering sinners long ago; Look upon us as we suffer, help us all Thy power know.

Help us stand firm on Thy promise, Give us faith Thy Word to claim; Then the sick will all recover, all made whole in Jesus’ Name.
Give us power by Thy Spirit over all the force of sin; Help us rescue those who perish and their souls to Jesus win.

When they see the sick and dying freed and made completely whole; Sins they will confess and ask Thee for the healing of their soul. Then when life’s short day is over, battles fought and victories won; And we stand before our Maker, may we hear Thy blest, “Well Done”.

Dear Friends,
Please pass this great truth  on to your friends and aqauintences. Pastor Peter Allinger was spot on. When we pray for the sick and suffering in JESUS' NAME believing that He will answer, the miracle very often occurs.

During the past 60 years our precious SAVIOUR has stood by me across the world, saving and healing multitudes who have has reached out by Faith in Jesus' shed Blood. I give Him all the honour, Praise and glory! Amen.

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