Friday, January 24, 2014

The Bible says: "Jesus Christ, the same Yesterday, Today and Forever." (Heb.13:8) - Pastor Max Solbrekken

                                Earnest & Mary Mountain in Saskatoon, 2010 
     EARNEST & MARY MOUNTAIN celebrated the 43th anniversary of their conversion to Jesus Christ on December 8, 2013. Forty three years earlier Earnest and Mary were on the verge of dissolving their common-law relationship, which included four little children. Earnest was a hard worker and owned a new automobile but was unable to drive, because his impaired driving conviction had robbed him of his driver’s license. Their drinking and arguing was destroying them.
     Earnest had seen the big cross with the words JESUS SAVES on the Edmonton Revival Centre on 149th Street and Stony Plain Road and was drawn toward it. At ten o’clock Wednesday morning, December 8, 1970, he told Mary that he was going to walk the ten blocks to see the preacher. Immediately, she got her coat and went with him.
     They were gloriously converted that morning and have walked with Jesus ever since. God has prospered them in business and all their children are well educated and are serving the Lord!    
     Allan and Mary Thew – Mary Mountain’s aunt and uncle - were also gloriously converted. Allan had been a bartender for 40 years and their conversion made a real ripple effect with many others receiving Christ as Lord and Saviour! What a wedding we had with four little children as witnesses and a host of friends attending!
                 Rene Woudstra testifies for Jesus in Saskatoon, 2009
RENE WOUDSTRA testifies about the great miracle Jesus Christ gave him in 1970 at the Edmonton Revival Centre. For 5 years Rene had been seeing a psychiatrist once a week for his nerves. He was born in Holland and the war had affected him greatly. As he grew, his fears became unbearable.
     After 5 years of psychiatric help, he was not getting better. For three months he had sat in the front room staring out the front window, as if in a stupor. An old neighbor from his Dutch Church excitedly told them about being healed from deafness at the Edmonton Revival centre (later Faith Cathedral) and that RENE should attend.  
     Upon hearing these words Rene came alive and said that he wanted to go. He was instantly healed and has been well ever since. Rene worked as a horticulturist at the University of Alberta for many years until retirement. Rene and Hene have been featured in the Edmonton Journal a number of times as having the most beautiful lawn and garden in Edmonton. Glory to God forever!
                          Wayne Pratt & Pastor Max on TV set, 2011
    WAYNE PRATT was a hard working, hard drinking man who had gotten caught up in the awful web of sin with continual carousing and partying. With a beautiful wife and little children at home, Wayne would spent countless week-ends not remembering where he had been and who he had drunk with and fought with. He would often wake up in a hotel room with a woman he did not recognize.
    One Sunday morning in a Hotel room he turned on the TV and saw Pastor Max Solbrekken preaching the Gospel of Christ. His text was taken from Romans 7: 14 - 25 which perfectly described his life.
     He testifies: “I hated what I was doing but was powerless to change. I saw that in my own strength I was a slave to the lusts of the flesh, the world and the devil. I was a sinner by birth, by nature and by my selfish will.   
     “Pastor Max showed me how I could be free by the cleansing and healing power of Jesus Christ’s blood that was shed for me on Calvary’s cross! Suddenly, the truth rushed into my mind and my spirit and Jesus Christ came into my life. The Bible says: “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (John 10: 10). That is how it all started and His grace has continued with me until today. I thank God for His great mercy and love toward me!”
                   John Okemow & Pastor Max in Saskatoon, 2010
      JOHN OKEMOW was born a stutterer, but Jesus healed him through the Ministry of a Mennonite Preacher when he was 8 years of age. His goal was to become a pilot, a policeman and a preacher. He has done all that. Due to some circumstances he fell into sin and for about 12 years was away from God.
      In a Max Solbrekken Crusade service in Peerless Lake, Alberta John Okemow – the policeman - surrendered to God and several years later entered the Ministry. Today, he is a powerful man of God who preaches to the Native Indians and Inuit in Northern Canada with great success! He is also the Founder and Senior Pastor of the growing Church of All Nations in High Prairie, Alberta Canada.