Thursday, January 16, 2014

by Rev. Max Solbrekken, D.D.

"These signs shall follow them that believe.  In my name...they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." (Mark 16:17-18)    --JESUS CHRIST

   On June 24, 1995 the 'Telemark Avise' carried a two page report on our ministry. The large headline shouted, 'THE DAY OF MIRACLES IS STILL NOT PASSED! The byline read, 'Max Solbrekken Heals Through Prayer and Laying On Of Hands'.
      Journalist Dan Hagen, was so moved by the reality of God's presence in the meeting that he also requested prayer. His report was so positive, I could not have written it more accurately myself.  Here are his closing lines:
    "Inspired by what I was seeing and hearing, I asked Solbrekken to lay his hands on me also.  The preacher said, 'You must believe'.  I answered, 'Yes'.  I had to pray for forgiveness, asking Jesus to come into my heart and to renounce the devil.
     "I couldn't fully let myself go, because I had to analyze what was taking place and write about it, so I didn't quite reach Nirvana.  I am convinced however, that if I had a painful case of strained muscles and I had to make a choice between seeing a busy general medical practitioner or a Norwegian/Canadian hell-fire preacher with power in his hands, I don't have any doubts..."
 Two weeks earlier, Dan had written a full-page piece for 'Telemark Avise' with the headline:  'HEALED BY PRAYER'.  He focused on 6 people he had interviewed, who had been miraculously healed through our ministry!
    May-Britt Ramberg (22) who had suffered for five years with scoliosis, told the reporter:  "The preacher prayed for me in Jesus' Name, and I felt a surge of warm power stream down my crooked back.  I heard it crack, then it straightened out and all the pains were gone"!
   Sverre Reiertsen (32) who had suffered ten years, with a damaged liver due to hepatitis, felt a surge of warmth in his liver area.  All the pains were gone and he made an appointment to see his doctor!
    Mona Ronningbakken (23) was born with deformities in her knee and back, suffering constant pains!  Her gait was uneven and it was difficult to stand for any length of time, without something to support her.
     By God's power, she "straightened out", and demonstrated to the reporter her new posture!  And best of all, the pains were all gone!
     Fred Berntsen was healed in our crusade, about 8 years ago.  His testimony had been carried by Skien's largest newspaper 'VARDEN', in a full page story.  The reporters had accompanied Fred to the hospital to see his medical records before writing the account of his outstanding miracle healing!
Journalist Edvard Selbaag of 'VARDEN' wrote in 1987:  "Fred Berntsen was a physical 'wreck'...he was afflicted with nearly all 'Job's plagues'...25 years with serious angina pectoris...15 years of asthma...7 years a diabetic; daily insulin shots...chemical collision in his body.
    "Berntsen says that when the Evangelist's hands were placed on his chest and back, he felt 'something' happen.  It was like that 'something' went up and out of his chest and disappeared!  Physically, I felt that I was cured of my asthma.  There was no more bronchial wheezing when I took a breath and the rattling was gone.
     "Actually, something had happened throughout my entire body.  All my diseases had been blown away in one wonderful moment.  I ran up and down the aisles as the Evangelist requested, without any heart pains or shortness of breath!  I felt like a young person again."
    According to Journalist Edvard, two days later, Fred Berntsen and Gospel Singer Svein Jansen were visiting a family who lived on the 11th floor of an apartment.  Rather than wait for the elevator - which was temporarily out of order - they walked up the eleven flights of stairs!
     And Fred is still perfectly healthy and strong today, eight years later!
    Henning Breivik is a Pentecostal Evangelist who travels across Norway.  In 1968 he attended the 'SARONS DAL' Camp Meeting, where I was preaching.  He had continuous infection in his inner ears causing equilibrium problems.  He had to keep water out of his ears, for that aggravated the situation.
     As I prayed in Jesus' Name, he was healed.  After the service all the young people went swimming.  Henning went with them and took his first dive, in many years.  He's been swimming and diving ever since!
                        THEY WANTED TO AMPUTATE HER LEGS!
  Ragnhild Holsten lives in Oslo, Norway.  She is 90 years of age and in great health.  Whenever I preach there, she attends and comes to the meeting all by herself.
        Several weeks ago when I was in Oslo, some friends asked if they could drive her home because the hour was late.  Smilingly she answered, "Thank you, but I have a free pass on the Metro and enjoy using it"!
       For a number of years, Ragnhild had been in terrible pain.  The circulation of blood to her legs was almost nil.  Her arteries were clogged and there was nothing the doctors could do.
     Several times she had been brought to the hospital, but the surgeons felt she was too old to attempt any kind of surgery.  The only recourse left was to amputate both her legs!
     While thinking about this terrible alternative, Ragnhild read an advertisement in the newspaper about our crusade service.  She attended and when prayer was offered in Jesus' name, she received Jesus Christ as her Saviour and was instantly healed.  And she is still well today!
      Turid Tolefsen had been given up by medical doctors.  She was told that her case was incurable - Psoriasis of the joints!  She had suffered excruciating pains for nearly twelve years due to crippling arthritis!
     Her troubles began in 1974, when she was 18 years of age, while working for a husband and wife medical team.
     She says, "My legs suddenly collapsed under me...and pains like knives went through my right hip".
     Turid got married and had a baby, and that brought extra stress.  Her left hip started causing terrible pains and she had to quit work.  She visited doctors in Oslo, Bergen and other cities, with no help!
     "No one could find the exact cause of my disease and I finally became addicted to drugs as my medication was constantly increased.  I finally stopped seeing medical doctors and turned to chiropractors and physiotherapists for help.  After dozens of treatments, I was no better", says Turid.
     "After taking cortisone treatments in my hips 5 times - becoming unconscious from the pain - and having hip surgery, I came to the conclusion that I was incurable."
     "The doctors then told me that I was suffering from 'psoriasis of the joints' and there was nothing more that they could do, except increasing the strength of the pills!"
      Then she met Gunnar Enok Nilsen, a spirit-filled Christian who took her to our 'Miracle Gospel Crusade' in Oslo.
       I spoke with Turid Tolefsen, Drammen, Norway - on June 15, 1995 - who has worked as a secretary for 'Enoch Hus' since 1985. Here are her words:  "Enoch Nilsen took my husband Kjell and myself to Max Solbrekken's meeting.  When he prayed, a warm feeling came into my hips!
            "I WAS HEALED INSTANTLY, I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!  Almost twelve years of pain were gone in a moment.  My left leg moved out 2 cm.  All the nights of pain - without sleeping pill taking, seeing medical all in the past!  I hardly even remember it because I am so well!" Hallelujah!
Thank God for His grace to all who reach out in faith and embrace His love!  And thank God for His astounding miracles of healing and deliverance for those who appropriate His promises for themselves, by faith!


         Martin Luther, the great reformer said:  "How often has it happened, and still does, that devils have been driven out in the name of Christ; also, by calling on His name and prayer, that the sick have been healed".
        John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church stated:  "I believe that God can open the eyes of the blind, cause the lame to walk, and the deaf to hear, if a man will have faith in God, and pray according to the faith that God has given them.  God will do the things He said He would because He is a never-changing God".
       A.B. Simpson, founder of the Christian & Missionary Alliance stated:  "If ever there was an age when the world needed the witness of God's supernatural working, it is in this day of unbelief and Satan's power.
       "Therefore, we may expect, as the end approaches, that the Holy Ghost will work in the healing of sickness, in the casting out of demons, in remarkable answers to prayer, in special and wonderful providences, and in such forms as may please His sovereign will to an unbelieving world."
       And Jesus Christ said:  "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes". (Mark 9:23). Amen.