Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pray for Christians in Pakistan

Dear Pastor Max,

Christmas and New year Greetings !
i hope that you are fine and working for the Glory of Christ .brother we wanted to share our working with you , kindly read the following . We would request you that please keep us in your prayers as Christians are going through the hard time .
Many Blessings

            World Vision in Progress is a Social organization working for the Oppressed and deprives communities /Religious classes of Pakistan the Minorities in Pakistan are wedged up in grave situation with gory incidents occurring. A wild wave of sectarianism has overwhelmed the society, which has resulted in unethical sentiments of religious prejudices. The armed religious extremists are playing havoc in the society. A situation of religious intolerance has speared suffocation in our lives; the doors of dialogues are being closed. Religious fundamentalism has grown beyond proportions. Muslims clerics are demanding complete imposition of Islamic Sharia in Pakistan, making it applicable also to all the Religious minorities of Pakistan.
The Christians and other religious Minorities being roped in false cases under the blasphemy law, in the year 2009 and 2010 many cases were registered against Christians in North of Punjab and being murdered by zealots to win heavens for themselves, recent example of this act can be seen in the case of Rashid Emmanuel and Sajjid Emmanuel, both were barbarically killed at the district Court of Faisalabad –Punjab. The zealots take the law in their hands and do not even wait for the judicial verdict. The Judgments and verdicts of the apexes Courts have proved that this law on Blasphemy is being ruthlessly abused for settling personal issues and of course for religious persecution. The law is proving to be a sword hanging on the heads of the Religious Minorities and moderate Muslims. The recent case of Asia Bibi has again upset the Christians, as she was falsely charged under the Blasphemy Law, and the session Court sentenced to death her under this law. However when she appeals to the President of Pakistan for Pardon, thousands of Muslims Clerics and political leaders demonstrated in the favor of her sentenced.
Moreover while visit the husband and daughters of Aisya Bibi we find out that the lives of the Asiya family is un-safe. Thousands of zealots are looking after them to wins the heavens for them selves, as well as the life of Asiya Noreen Bibi is also un-safe in Pakistan .
We therefore request you to do the needful to safe the Asiya Bibi and her family by providing them the Asylum in Europe. If Possible we would send you the Asylum request of Asiya Bibi and her family.
We would also like to inform you that there are many Christians and other Religious Minorities which are suffering with this Black Law , we as Organization desires to create a awareness amongst the local Society as well into the international Society about the discriminatory laws in Pakistan . We need international support in this cause.

Looking forward for your reply, many Blessings in Jesus Name.

I, remain,

Farrukh Harrison