Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jesus took my sins away and healed my scoliosis

Says Anna Davis, British Columbia
    For about 30 years I suffered terribly with a severe curvature of the spine called scoliosis. Together with that I developed fibromyalgia and arthritis. For more than four years I used a scooter to get around. About eight years ago, I was able to put the scooter aside and manage with the aid of pain killers. For years I lived on pills upwards to eight (600 mg) ibuprofens daily.
    On July 28, 2010, my good friend Irene Olsen told me about a special event at the Sandman Inn. Pastor Max Solbrekken had accepted an invitation to come to Penticton for a short crusade. Irene was joyfully saying, “My pains are all gone and my varicose veins are not there anymore. You must come with me tonight and hear this man of God.”
    I knew that Irene had suffered for many years with fibro myalgia and arthritis and she also had been speaking to her doctor about laser surgery on her horrible grape-like varicose veins! I could hardly believe my eyes. It was true! Her legs were as smooth as a child’s. I decided to go with her!
                            WHEN PASTOR MAX SPOKE, I WEPT
    When Pastor Max Solbrekken began to speak I could feel God in that place and when he talked about Jesus Christ’s suffering and death on the cross for sinners, I knew I had to answer the altar call. After leading us in the sinner’s prayer for forgiveness, Pastor Max began to pray for the sick. When he prayed for me in Jesus’ name, I felt the pains leaving me.
    The last night of the meeting, he prayed for my spine and immediately it straightened out before everyone’s eyes. The scoliosis is gone and the pain from the fibromyalgia is greatly reduced and I am very happy for my new life in Jesus Christ who has saved me and healed me! Hallelujah!