Thursday, December 30, 2010

All Glory & Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

Says Lavina Irene Olsen, Penticton B.C.
     It was a night I will never forget, July 28, 2010. My good friend Sharon Sauter had told me the good news that she and her son David Fraser had invited Pastor Max Solbrekken to travel from Saskatoon for three days of Revival Meetings in Penticton.
     She said that Pastor Max was being picked up at the Kelowna Airport by his personal friend Moe Hostland, who would drive him to Penticton for the Monday meeting at the Sandman Inn.
    When I heard Moe Hostland testify about the outstanding miracles he had witnessed under Pastor Max Solbrekken’s Ministry in Sechelt years earlier, I was excited. And of course, Sharon and David had told of the great crusades Pastor Max had conducted under the Big Blue tent in Kelowna in the 1970s.
     When Pastor Max opened the Bible and began to preach, tears of repentance and joy flooded my eyes and I witnessed the cleansing of Jesus’ precious blood upon my soul. And when he invited sinners to repent and receive Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, I quickly went forward and was born again. Hallelujah!
     Can anyone fully understand it or explain it? All I know is, it happened to me! When Pastor Max began to pray for the sick, I told him my sad story – that for 18 long years I had suffered unbearable pain from fibromyalgia and arthritis. And that for all those years I had lived on pain killers with a daily dose of six ibuprofen (600 mg) pills.
    And that I had pains in my legs from grape-like varicose veins which I had suffered with for 20 years and was in consultation with my doctor about having laser surgery!
     When Pastor Max laid his hands on my head and prayed the prayer of faith in Jesus’ name on my behalf, Heaven came down and my pains were all gone. I felt like a new woman and that exactly what had happened, I had become a new creature in Christ Jesus and my sickness and pains were gone!
    When I arose from my bed in the morning, the varicose veins were gone. Since July 28, 2010 until now I no longer have any pain. Praise the name of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God! Amen.