Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bishop Dr.Turnel Nelson

By Pastor Max Solbrekken. D.D.

    The death of Bishop Turnel Nelson (October, 2006) is not only a great loss to Trinidad and Tobago and the West Indian Islands, but also to Canada.
   He was my personal friend and colleague for many years and preached for us in numerous crusades in Edmonton. Turnel Nelson had a powerful affect on our students at the Canadian Bible Academy as well! He also travelled with us to Israel and South Africa.
     Ever since our first crusade with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (P.A.W.I.) in Morvant (1968), he continually invited me back to Trinidad and Tobago and we stood shoulder to shoulder in crusades in Woodford Square, Queens's Park Savanna in Port of Spain as well as Caripachima, Arima and other areas.
     Turnel Nelson was loved by hundreds of people here in Canada. He was like brother to me and always stayed in our home. We will miss him terribly. Like Barnabas of old, he was "a good man and filled with the Holy Ghost." (Acts 11: 24). He made a tremendous impact on all who heard his booming voice!
     Our prayers are with his precious wife, Joyselyn and family and the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church and other congregations in Trinidad and Tobago as well as the West Indies!
PlEASE NOTE: The below article is taken from Max Solbrekken’s book, ‘Before Winter Comes’. It was originally carried in the ‘Cry of His Coming ‘Magazine (1978). m.s.

                      By Rev. Turnel Nelson, Port of Spain, Trinidad

     It has been a privilege of mine to be acquainted with Rev. Max Solbrekken for the past ten years in crusades in the Island of Trinidad.
     Trinidad has a population of over a million people and the population is divided.  One third is from Negro descendants, like myself, one third is from East Indian descendants, and the other third European, Chinese and all nations upon the face of the earth.  So it is a cosmopolitan population.  Religiously the majority of the people are Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Moravian, Presbyterian, Hindu and Moslem.
     We have been having a tremendous breakthrough over the past years.  God has sent us men from the continent of America like Oral Roberts, Morris Cerullo, Billy Graham, T.L. Osborn and Max Solbrekken.  I have been acquainted with most of these crusades over the past 10 years and I can safely say that the ingathering of souls, the lasting effect of the crusade, is the conservation of the converts.
      I have worked very closely with Rev. Max Solbrekken.  I have stood by his side and seen him minister to the sick.  And this is one thing that really, really got to me and impressed me about him:  he loves people and he stays on to minister to the needs of the people.  Most evangelists will arrive, proclaim the Word, and they're off the scene. 
      You can't even see them to talk with them.  I can heartily say that I have never worked with a man who has shown so much interest and compassion for suffering people as Max Solbrekken.
     We have seen thousands and thousands reached for Christ in these crusades!  Rev. Solbrekken will stand there night after night, preach sometimes for one solid hour, and sometimes a little more.  And people like it.
      And he would minister to hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people, and the service might come to a close at about eleven or eleven thirty, and yet there will be another hundred or so staying around that want him to lay hands on them. He's wet, tired and exhausted but I have never seen him push them away!

      The microphones have gone out but Brother Solbrekken stays there and lays hands on every single person needing help.  I believe this compassion he has for sick people has caused him to win their hearts there in Trinidad, and those who have attended the crusades, and hence the tremendous results.
     We want you to know that we appreciate his ministry in Trinidad, and if we had our way we would keep him in Trinidad.  There is one way in which we can keep him there - there is one way in which we have him - at least we have him in Trinidad for one-half hour every week - and that is on television.
     I believe that television is one of the greatest breakthroughs that God has given the Church for evangelism.  Why should the world be allowed to use it for all their propaganda and for all their mess?  God can use it as His voice in the Nation for the Gospel.  Rev. Solbrekken's program is the only Full Gospel Television Program on our channel television in the Island of Trinidad, and we want that program to stay there.
     Naturally the Islands are faced with problems economically, and I know that the whole world is faced with that problem, but it is not as bad in the Nation of Canada as in the small islands.
     The need for finance has been a tremendous one.  We have lost some of our great men in the Gospel of Trinidad, who have taken their exodus to the Continent and remain on the Continent, never to come back.  We know that with the many commitments Max Solbrekken has it is a difficult time to keep that program there.
      Many men have come and they have started, like Rex Humbard and Oral Roberts, but their program has soon gone off the air, and we need it at all costs.  I FEEL IT WOULD BE AN INSULT TO GOD - it would be shocking news to the Christians in the land if when they turn on their TV at 1:00 on Sunday, they could not see the program of Max Solbrekken.
     I am asking you, the people here, to support this program with your offerings - sacrificially.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This report by the Rev. Turnel Nelson was carried in the Cry of His Coming magazine in 1978. Unfortunately, we had to go off that station in the early 1980s. By the grace of God we seeking to reach more and more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ before it is too late. Please write us as soon as possible! Thank you so much for your prayerful support!                                                                              - Max Solbrekken