Tuesday, July 21, 2020

                  COVERING UP TRUDEAU'S DENIAL OF  MAO'S MURDEROUS REGIME                           
By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.
Written in 1997 for, 'The Cry of His Coming Magazine'
Mao was wining and dining Pierre Trudeau while multitudes were
dying on the streets of starvation. He returned to Canada praising 
Mao's insane and deadly revolution. May Trudeau the younger  not
be deceived by the evil, satanic teachings of Communist China!

Canadians are starting to realize just how serious the WE scandal really is.

 It makes the Sponsorship Scandal look tame in comparison.

 The exploding WE scandal and absence of an economic plan have put Trudeau on his heels. We need a leader who is ready to hold the Liberals accountable on Day One.

 .When Jagmeet Singh became leader of the NDP, Trudeau ran out the clock and waited as long as possible to call a by-election.

He will do the same thing to Conservatives.

 Not having their leader in the House of Commons was disastrous for the NDP.

 The best case scenario for the Conservatives is to have a leader in the House of Commons the day the leadership race is over. It's one more reason Erin O'Toole is my choice for leader. 

 We cannot afford to give Trudeau a massive tactical advantage right when the polls are turning against him.

Note:   Received from Canada's Conservative Party