Monday, July 6, 2020

Historic Gospel Crusade in 

Guntur A.P. India May, 1966
Max Solbrekken & Sadhu Vandenam preaching God's
Word in historic Gospel Crusade in Guntur, AP India
Max Solbrekken & Thomas Tutyko conducted the first ever 
Gospel Crusade with  Missionary Lawson Barbour and
 Sadhu Vandenam at the famous Gandhi Park, 1966.
JULY 10-26, 2020
DAILY 7:00: SUN 10:30 & 2:30
House of Prayer On Hiway 623
Peterson Family Gospel Band
                        Danny Vogt Gospel Team at Cleansing Wave
                          Gospel Church. Max Solbrekken Crusade
                                       at Sprague, MB, Sept 2019

                                       HISTORIC GOSPEL CRUSADE
                                             MAY 5 - 15, 1978  IN CORDOBA ARGENTINA
  Omar Cabrera celebrates May 15, 1978 the final
                                             Day of the Cordoba Crusade, on Max's birthday.
Max Solbrekken & Omar Cabrera in Sante Fe, Argentina,   
1981. The great miracle received by Julio Diaz, confirmed 
by Medical Doctor & broadcast across Argentina by Media.   

1,000 year-old-Law stating that only Roman Catholic
clergy could preach in Malta was brought to an end!
Rev. Max Solbrekken with Michael Gunzi
R. C.  Archbishop of Malta, December 6, 1973