Tuesday, May 21, 2019

STOP Drag Event at Children's Library!
All hands on deck, folks!

Ohio Value voters has alerted us to an upcoming drag event at the library in Delaware, OH on Wednesday, June 5th that is a new twist on the "drag queen story hour" event.

They'll be teaching kids to dress in drag themselves!

Ohio Value Voters explains: 

This event was scheduled with the intent to host teenagers and teach them the art of drag hosted by a former Miss Gay America and Nina West who is the star of Ru Paul's Drag Race and Ohio's most prominent Drag Queen.

The Delaware County Public Library was contacted and they stated that the event was actually happening at the Orange Branch in Delaware and is coordinated by the children's coordinator--Becky Woodruff.

This is a library-sponsored event as part of the "summer reading program" targeting children 12-17 and for teens only.

The library explained that the funds used to hire Nina West and Miss Gay USA for this event came from the "Friends of the Library Fund" as well as the "Children's Summer Reading Program Fund."  When asked how the enrollment of such a program would play out, it was explained that teens can just show up.

We are told that:
"Becky Woodruff is close friends with Nina West and that the individuals performing and teaching the art of drag are close friends of hers. Becky Woodruff leads all of the children's programs at the library."

Please help us STOP this event by contacting the Delaware Public Library and informing them of the dangers of this kind of event! 

Contact Becky Woodruff or Jenny Ho at the Delaware Library at 740-549-2665.  Let them know that you are opposed to using tax-payer funded libraries for the purpose of hosting the program "The Art of Drag" with teenage children.  
This is an entirely inappropriate event for children to attend, much less on the taxpayer dime. It's impossible to divorce drag from the gender-bending, sexualized culture of the LGBT movement, and until recently, drag queens were usually confined to seedy night clubs and vulgar Pride parades. 

This is an entirely inappropriate event for children and concerned parents everywhere need to pitch in and voice our concerns! 

We have managed to bring so much attention to this troubling issue, and it's all thanks to you and your support.

If you'd like to help us continue this crusade against tax-payer funded drag lessons and gender confusion in taxpayer-funded libraries, please consider a small donation to support our ministry. Thank you all so much! 

For Christ & His children,

Elizabeth Johnston
The Activist Mommy