Wednesday, May 22, 2019

                                CANADIAN CITIZENS CALLS 
                                 OUR P.M.TO SHAPE UP
That new "Gay Loonie" has really hit a nerve with Canadians. I can't believe the hundreds of letters, e-mails, and Facebook comments we have received over the last few months. The response to our protest campaign has been enormous. The Mint has noticed. The media has noticed. MPs have noticed.

Over 62,000 people signed our first petition. And we've had so many requests for our "Not on My $" stickers, that we are into our second printing! (6,000 printed to date).

Canadians are not only upset over the politicization of our money, they are angry over this shameless attempt to force the LGBT agenda on every single man, woman, and child in our nation. Mr. Trudeau has just gone too far. He is abusing his power!

That's why I want to take this campaign to the next level. And for that, I need your prayers and support more than eve
All month long, we are going to run the following ad on big screen digital billboards in five high-traffic areas in Ottawa and Toronto (3 in Toronto, 2 in Ottawa). The total cost of this initiative is $8,475.

No Thank You

Why are we running this ad? Three reasons.

1) We want to amplify your voice to Mr. Trudeau. We want to let him know just how upset average Canadians are about this "Gay Loonie". We want his liberal government to realize how he is dividing our nation and marginalizing Christians and traditionally-minded folks. Big billboards will help.

2) Thousands of people out there object to the "Gay Loonie" and the LGBT agenda, but they feel silenced, disenfranchised, and isolated. We want these folks to know they are NOT alone, and that they can have a voice by signing our petition:

3) Just like the LGBT lobby has taken over our loonie, it has also taken over the month of June to push its immorality on Canadians. We want to offer another perspective - another voice - that says firmly but politely: "No, thank you".

If, like me, you feel "enough is enough" - if you feel it is time for Christians and conservatives to take a public stand for truth - then I will ask you to do three things...

#1. Please sign our new petition: Even if you signed our old petition, I ask you to sign and share this new petition. With every signature, this petition sends a direct e-mail to Mr. Trudeau telling him we reject the new dollar coin.

#2. Simply refuse the coin. Saying, "No, thank you," or, "Four quarters, please," will make quite the statement. This is the best way to spread the word in your local community about what Mr. Trudeau is doing and why you object to this coin. (You can also continue to request our "Not on My $" stickers.)

#3. Help us pay for these billboards. $8,475 is a lot of money for us. But I believe it is well worth it. June is the right time to speak out for what's right.