Wednesday, April 24, 2019

And it is truly far worse
than we expected!

                           And it is truly far worse than we expected.
This is the first time in history that any coin or bill in our Canadian currency carries a sexual theme.
It shows two men, one with an earring, with their faces and lips laid on each other. It appears as if they are locked in a romantic kiss, with lips exaggerated in size. Many of the facial features appear highly stylized. The rays emanating from the men give the image a “holy aura”. No doubt, we are to assume they are rainbow rays.
The Mint explains this design as follows: "[It] is a stylized celebration of equality viewed through an LGBTQ2 perspective. The image of two intertwined faces reflects gender fluidity and the spectrum of genders and is left open to interpretation: they may belong to two individuals or they may represent different aspects of one's identity."
This is highly offensive to many Canadians, particularly those who are Christian. This is nothing less than an attack on our faith and an affront to our God!
This coin also features the dates “1969” and “2019”, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the legalization of homosexual sex acts under the Omnibus Bill of former
 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Under that Bill, the government indicated it would remove itself from the bedrooms of the nation and leave issues of sexual morality to individual Canadians to decide.
Now, the government of Justin Trudeau wants to impose the acceptance and celebration of homosexuality upon every Canadian man, woman, and child. It is making the statement that the government is very interested in what goes on in the bedrooms of the nation, and it wants to force every citizen to endorse the sexual morality of the LGBT lifestyle.
This is nothing less than the politicization of our national currency, pandering to a vocal minority group in the (vain) hopes of recovering some votes come October.
It is, I believe, the continuation of a legacy of corrupt, self-interested governance by a man and a party that builds itself up by tearing down the traditions of our nation - that unites itself by trying to divide Canadians more.
Help us make a statement to the government that this coin is totally unacceptable to Canadians. Here are some simple and practical things you can do:
  1. Tell your MP how offended you are.
  2. Refuse the coin when it is offered you. (Say, “No thank you” or “Four quarters, please”)