Wednesday, January 24, 2018

While most doctors today refuse to make house calls, Dr. Ellen Wiebe makes an exception for her practice of death. Last June, Dr. Wiebe “paid a visit” to the Louis Brier Home – an Orthodox Jewish long-term care facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. There in secret, at night, she ended the life of one elderly Jewish man. 
Dr. Wiebe knew the nursing home was Jewish. She knew that euthanasia was forbidden by the home. Yet she still proceeded to take her victim’s life. Then, when others in the home were shocked and traumatized by her deed, Dr. Wiebe remained unapologetic. She later stated, “I did not do anything unprofessional.”
Dr. Wiebe works at the Willow Women’s abortion clinic. She is a death doctor who specializes in both abortion and euthanasia – taking lives at both ends of the age spectrum. She has evidently seared her conscience to the gruesome reality of her “profession”. She has not only taken yet another life, but has ravaged the peace and safety of an entire Jewish community!

David Keselman, the CEO of the Louis Brier Home, gave this response to Dr. Wiebe’s heinous act: “We have a lot of Holocaust survivors. To have a doctor sneak in and kill someone without telling anyone. They’re going to feel like they’re at risk when you learn someone was sneaking in and killing someone.”
The Jewish holocaust of the 1940s traces its roots, in part, to the German euthanasia program. This program first targeted severely disabled infants, but eventually encompassed all people deemed physically or mentally “unfit”. With the public acceptance of euthanasia, it was not long before those deemed “racially unfit” would be murdered as well. And the Jews fit that “unfit” category.
It was a slippery slope in Germany. Could it happen again in Canada? 
The Louis Brier Home has now filed a formal complaint with the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons against Dr. Wiebe. They accuse Dr. Wiebe of misconduct for going against the policies and principles of their Jewish Home.

Euthanasia, or so-called “medical aid in dying” (MAID), has been legal in Canada just over one year. Prior to June 17, 2016, Dr. Wiebe’s act would be deemed homicide, punishable by a lengthy prison sentence! This reflects the clear biblical command, “You shall not murder.” 
In support of the Louis Brier Home, its staff, and all its Jewish residents, we must publicly decry the actions of Dr. Wiebe. We call on both the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons and the BC Minister of Health to take immediate action to reprimand and discipline Dr. Wiebe.
David Cooke and the entire CitizenGO team
P.S. Not only do we denounce Dr. Wiebe's murderous practice, but we are outraged by her flagrant disrespect of the policies, beliefs, and sensitivities of the Jewish community at the Louis Brier Home. She must be disciplined, and her actions condemned!