Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Modern Day Miracle that happened in 1978, still holds true today in 2014 - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Lonnie Sims, a good friend of mine, asked me if I would send this your way as you requested it … I shared this last summer (2013) at the camp-meeting in Brooks with Lonnie Sims where you spoke. You might remember that, after the meeting you and I shared together for a while at the Well church over a small meal. Blessings. Wayne Boersma.

 This is what my sister, Rita Knelsen (nee Boersma) sent me last year (2013) for me to share at the Brooks Tent-Meeting:
I always loved going to FGBM banquets and breakfasts.  Always knew God was going to do something crazy, always expected it.  I don't even know who was leading worship, but I was totally lost in His presence, armed raised and a voice behind me said, "take off your glasses".  It was audible, I turned around to see who was behind me, but everyone behind me was  also lost in the presence of God.  So I just kept on worshipping and again I heard that same voice telling me the same thing and I knew it was God.  So I did take off my glasses and I could see just as good without them.  Crazy thing is, I had an appointment that week to get a stronger prescription.
After worship, Max said, "There is someone here who has received a healing, you need to come up."  So being the shy Dutch girl that I am (not), I went up, told Max what happened.  Then he asked me, what is that man holding up in the back of the room.  The gentleman was holding up crutches, I would have never been able to see those crutches without my glasses before.  In fact, Simon, my brother, was at the front of the room and he said they looked like sticks, but to me, they were crutches.   Funny thing is, never once had I ever asked the Lord to heal my eyes.   He just did!!!!! I was in grade 6 at this time, so 12 years old.

I believe it happened at a Christmas Banquet at the Full Gospel Business Fellowship in 1978.  That same night my younger brother, not Simon another brother, gave his heart to the Lord and has been serving the Lord ever since.


Wayne Boersma
               NOTE: This page was retrieved from the Cry of His Coming Magazine archives. M.S.