Monday, July 14, 2014

Max Solbrekken praying for people in Lisbon, Portugal (2008)
By Pastor Max Solbrekken anointed by the Holy Spirit (1977)
       O' God Eternal, Righteous, Just, Merciful and Compassionate, hear the voice of Thy humble servant and answer this most urgent and needful prayer. In Jesus' name I implore Thee, my Heavenly Father:
       Fill my heart with divine love for Thee and genuine compassion for my fellowman. May my spirit constantly be satisfied, my mind enlightened, my thinking straight, my body well and strong, my attitude wholesome and honest, my motives pure, my goals right, proper and God honouring, my faith unshakeable, my witness for Jesus persuasive and my testimony far reaching. Above all, may my life be Christ-exalting and God-fearing and my preaching be Biblically sound.
       O' God, help me to always be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. May I never do anything that would make Jesus Christ ashamed of me or my conduct. May my life truly, 'Tell for Jesus'.
       May my life be such that if I never pass this way again, I will have truly represented Christ in preaching and in living the Gospel! May I have spread some light, lifted some heavy burdens, brought joy to some hearts and healing to some families!
      May I be responsible for stopping gossip and destroying  fears, lies and diseases through faith in Christ. May revival fires burn in many hearts and homes because I have passed by their lives and bring deliverance to multitudes who are slaves of Satan and Sin!
      May I live such a life that I am able to look every man in the eyes and say with St. Paul, "I have coveted no man's silver or gold or apparel." (Acts 20:33). May I be an asset to the Kingdom of God and never a liability. May I always be a stepping stone and never a stumbling block. May I be a help and never a hindrance and may I be a blessing to those who are in distress and need!
      May my life be a beacon showing the way to floundering ship wrecked sinners on the sea of life, like an unmoveable landmark pointing men to Jesus Christ on their journey from the cradle to the grave. May I be remembered for my smile and not my frown, the hand lifted up to help instead of to strike, my tongue to bless rather than curse and my love instead of hate!
       May God help me always to be a part of the solution instead a part of the problem. May I never be known as a meddler or busy body in other men's affairs, and to be a encourager rather than a discourager. May I always rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. May I never judge or condemn my brother for whom Christ died, but rather pray for him and help him find his back to God and sweet fellowship with his brothers in Christ's Kingdom!
      May I never be a part of the 'Wrecking Crew' but always a part of the 'Builders' who labour tirelessly for God and fellowman. Realizing that I can never please everyone, I will do my utmost, knowing that God keeps the books, and having done my best, leave the results with Him Who judges justly and doeth all things well!
      I trust God explicitly, trust His Holy Word without reservation and give the Blessed Holy Spirit free course in my life. I throw myself upon the mercy of God and the efficacy of Jesus' blood to cleanse me from all sin, heal my sicknesses and deliver me from destruction and all evil, for Christ's sake and God's glory! Amen.