Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Missionary Rakel Gustafsson Leaves a Huge Empty Space in many hearts of those who loved her in Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda and Canada as she enters Her Heavenly Home - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Rakel Gustafsson (Lena Solbrekken’s Mother) passed away 
at the age of 84 into the presence of the Lord, on May 6, 2014. 
As a child, Rakel had a vision and received a call to go to Africa 
as a missionary. She spent her young adult years as an Evangelist, 
going from house to house, singing and witnessing. While attend-
ing Bible school, Rakel and Sven-Eric met and later were married.  
In 1959, together with her husband, they left Sweden for Tanzania, 
Africa.  They were able to minister through their songs, which 
were recorded on LP, their music and recordings had a big impact 
on many.  Her time in Tanzania was marked by her outreach to 
the schools where she taught the studentsand distributed Gospel
literature, following many conversions, she led the children in 
discipleship training.  In Tanzania, much was accomplished for 
God and His Kingdom through church planting, the building of 
medical facilities and helping women, through teaching life skills 
and proclaiming the Gospel.  In their later years, they went 
to Uganda, where they taught at a Bible school and served as the 
President.  When they were unable to be in Africa and were back 
in  Sweden, the ministry continued through SonRise, a children’s 
sponsorship program.  While on furlough in Sweden, Rakel’s 
passion for children continued, where she spoke in many schools. 
In the town where they lived, Rakel went from house to house 
ministering and sharing the Gospel.  Her passion for prayer 
and evangelization marked this woman of God. Of the many 
sacrifices this couple made, none was greater than the death of 
their second daughter, Liselott, who passed away from malaria.  
Her Godly influence on the lives of her children and 
grandchildren will have an eternal impact. 

Rev. Ken A. Solbrekken
District Superintendent
Alberta & NWT District of
The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

From: Ken Sobrekken
Sent: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 8:48 AM
To: Office Staff; Lance Steeves; Murray Coughlan; Terefe Sereke;

Simon Clarence;
 Mark Running; Doug Frederick
Subject: Passing away

Hi everyone:

Thanks for your prayers. Lena's Mom went into the presence of 
God at 8:15 am today. We were able to be with her and the family 
via Skype. 

Love, Ken & Lena 

Rev. Ken A. Solbrekken 
District Superintendent 
PAOC - Alberta & NWT

Max Solbrekken [email protected]

4:46 PM (2 minutes ago)
to Ken
Dear Ken, Lena and family:

Peace be unto you in Jesus' Name! (John 14: 27)

Thank you for letting us know of Rakel Gustafsson's (Lena's 
Mom) leaving earth for her Heavenly Home. She was indeed a 
powerfully anointed Christian lady with a heart for God and her 
people are refreshingly unusual as most people are naturally 
more taken up with themselves and their own interests!

May the peace of God rest on Sven - Eric and the entire 
Gustafsson family and may His blessings of comfort and peace 
fill your hearts and lives, Ken and Lena, Louise, Angeline, 
Linette and Theodore!

In his goodness and mercy,

Mom & Dad