Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Concerned Christians are crying out, "Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Where are the miracles our fathers talked about when we were young? " Bring back the old fashioned Bible Message of Christ Crucified, Risen and Coming again. Let the Revival begin in our hearts at once, "while it is still day for night cometh when no man can work." (John 9:4). Repentance toward God and Faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ opens the door for His miracles among us! Brothers & Sisters, Let us pray for Mercy, Forgiveness, Peace, Healing and Blessing across our Nation! - Pastor Max Solbrekken

June 15-19  Vilna, AB - Tent
July 4-6 New Sarepta, AB - Tent
July 25 Ministickwan, SK - Tent
August 1-3 Moose Lake Camp, AB
August 6-10 Prince Albert, SK - Tent
August 30-31 Prince George, BC - Tent
Sept 14 Ft McMurray-Family Christian Centre
Sept 26-28 Saskatoon, SK - Christ the Healer Gospel
                          Max  Solbrekken Gospel Crusade, Surrey BC, 1964
Max Solbrekken & Sadhu Vandenam, Guntur India
Max Solbrekken Historic Crusade Guntur India, 1966
Max Solbrekken Crusade Morvant Trinidad, 1968
Max Solbrekken Gospel Crusade, DuValier Stadium, 
Port au Prince, Haiti, 1972
                 Max Solbrekken Crusade Chatham, South Africa, 1974
Max Solbrekken's history making crusade in Cordova, 
ArgentinMay, 1978 together with Rev. Omar Cabrara
 during a time of Military Rule, started the great revival
that is now sweeping Argentina!
                 Max Solbrekken receives Doctor of Divinity Degree, 1982
                    Dr. George Gillespie and Pastor Ken Solbrekken
                              Max Solbrekken Crusade, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 1986
                     Bishop Dr. Manoel Ferriera & Max Solbrekken billboard
                      promoting his crusade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1987

Max Solbrekken Crusade Timisoara, Romania, 1989
                                    Kampala Uganda Gospel Crusade, 1994
Max Solbrekken preaching at AOG Crusade Plaza Brasil
 Paulinia, SP Brazil on April 13, 2005. 4,000 buses brought 
200,000 people to the crusade. Ca. 300,000 present.
Powerful Altar Calls  in Kampala Uganda Crusade, 2011
Kampala Uganda Gospel Unity Crusade, 2011
Dr. Max Solbrekken with Chairman Rev. Peterson Sozi
Max Solbrekken with Rev. Frank & Neva Maresty at
Flying Dust Reserve, Meadow Lake SK. Frank is known as
 Canada's Leading First Nation's Cree Statesman/ Preacher.
 Frank & Neva Maresty are 'Canada's National Treasure'. 
A book is being published on their amazing life & ministry.
I am humbled to think that God used me to bring Neva to
Christ through an outstanding miracle of healing. Frank 
followed, then the entire family and since hundreds have
 been converted to Christ through their on-going Ministry 
of compassion, love, mercy & power! - Max Solbrekken
Max & Donna Solbrekken will be celebrating their 
59th Wedding Anniversary on October 8, 2014