Saturday, May 31, 2014

Meet Max Solbrekken, Wayne Pratt and the Johnson Gospel Singers June 15-19 at the Gospel Tent on Hiway 28 in Vina, AB

Personal Letter 
from Max Solbrekken
June 1, 2014

Dear Friends in Christ:

Greetings in the all-powerful name of Jesus Christ!

Is Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever? Is God's Word true?  Can He be trusted to keep His Word? Is He in charge of all things and will the Holy Scriptures be fulfilled?

 He that is within us greater than he that is in the World? Was the serpent's head crushed when Jesus cried, "It is finished; It is fulfilled; It is paid"? Is the pure, perfect, sinless blood of Jesus Christ still alive and powerful to save, deal and deliver today?

Is Jesus Christ the Only Saviour of the World? Are all other imitations and counterfeits enemies of the Cross and of Almighty God?

The ANSWER to all above is: "A RESOUNDING YES!"

Is Satan a murderer and a destroyer? Does his name mean opposer, enemy. Is he the enemy of God and man? Is he a traitor, traducer and a destroyer?

Is the Devil a deceiver, a liar, the father of lies? Does his name mean that he cannot be trusted? Is he a slanderer and an evil personality?

Is he called Beelzebub, meaning the 'god of flies'? Is he the god of filth and perversion? Is he a lying, deceptive and dangerous entity? Has the blood of Jesus Christ stripped him of all power over believers in Christ? Is he eternally doomed?

The ANSWER to all above is: A RESOUNDING "YES!" 

Final Question: Is there anything good about the dragon, that old devil called Satan?

Answer: A RESOUNDING "NO!" to that final question.