Thursday, December 12, 2013

World Evangelists Tony and Marge Abram will be visiting Canada in 2014. Stay tuned. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

I had just concluded a powerful Crusade in Amedevad India in 1986 where God had performed many miracles among the Brahmin population. When my team and I from Norway arrived in LAHORE we were invited to a large Celebration in Peshwara on the border of Afghanistan. A Renowned Freedom Fighter had just arrived with his family to lead the war against the Russians in Afghanistan. Some team members travelled there, but I did not go. I have wondered what may have happened had I gone and met Osama bin Laden in person.!   - Max Solbrekken
Pastor Max Solbrekken preaching at Gospel Crusade in Lahore Pakistan, 1986. Internationally known Gospel Singer Esther King,  Evangelist Rev Tony and Marge Abram joined Max Solbrekken for the Annual Convention of all the Christian Churches there.