Sunday, December 1, 2013

Great things are happening at Christ the Healer Saskatoon. Pre-Christmas Revival with Rev. Lonnie & Becky Sim Dec 7 & 8 - Pastor Max Solbrekken

               Max Solbrekken Makes   
           History in Norquay! 

~ Preaches in the same old Legion Hall 53 years after his historic crusade there in 1960 ~
Rev. Max Solbrekken and Cliff Holm were met  by Norquay’s first snowfall and - 28 degrees, but many warm hearts and a filled Legion Hall on Nov 10, 2013. Rev. Allan O’ Soup and team from Key Reserve led the Historic Gospel Rally. 

The altars were filled with seeking souls as God’s Servant poured out his heart about the love, mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of His BLOOD that was shed for us on the Cross so many years ago. He restated the Church’s 2,000 year old proclamation: Christ has died! Christ is Risen! Christ will Come Again! Salvation by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone and in Christ Alone!  - St. John 3: 16, 17, 36

Pastor Max Solbrekken returned to the Key Reserve, 53 years after he preached in Spencer O’ Soup’s yard on August 7, 1960. Max’s Dad, Ingvar, brother Emil and sister Astrid  were involved also. Canada’s Old Time Preacher Man says: “If God is willing I would bring the Big White Gospel Tent to the Norquay area in 2014.”  STAY TUNED.!!!

By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.
The Cross is the central  theme of the Bible. The Promises of the birth, death and resurrection of the Messiah are concealed in the O.T. and revealed in the New Testament. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the Foundation Stone of the Gospel. It is the driving force that separates Christianity from all other Religions. The shed blood of Jesus Christ is alive today in the Holy of Holies in Heaven.  - MS World Mission Box 44220 RP0 Garside Edmonton, AB T5V 1N6