Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meet Max and Donna Solbrekken at Christ the Healer Gospel Church, Saskatoon on September 7& 8. Also in Vilna, AB at the the GOSPEL TENT on Highway 28 Sept.15-18.

Christ The Healer Gospel Church
SEPTEMBER 27, 28 & 29
  Max and Donna Solbrekken invite everyone to join with 
them for a time of celebration, prayer, revival  fellowship.
                                      OCTOBER 13 &14
                  ANITA PEARCE 
                               Internationally Known Evangelist Anita Pearce
                                           OCTOBER 19, 20
                                 DEAN MILLEY
                         Rev. Dean & Dr. Ruth Milley of Lima, Peru have
                         worked with a Large Church in Peru that has won
                         60,000 souls to Christ since 2001. By the grace 
                         of God and in Jesus Christ's precious name, 
                         Pastor Max Solbrekken was the instrument 
                         the Lord used in 1988 to deliver Dean Milley
                         from demon powers of suicide, drugs, alcohol
                         and much more. His testimony is on YouTube.
                         You may order a DVD for $20.00 from:
                         MS World Mission Box 44220 Garside
                         Edmonton, AB T5V 1N6, Canada