Monday, September 9, 2013

Max Solbrekken preached with fire & faith stirring in his soul to challenge ever person to believe God - Pastor Lonnie Sim

    Tent Meeting in Brooks Alberta


It was our pleasure in Brooks, Alberta to have Brother Max and his precious wife Donna come and minister in the big tent for a week of   revival meetings.
     Max preached with fire and faith stirring in his soul to challenge every person to believe God for a miracle,for healing and salvation.
    Many were touched,refreshed and moved upon by the Holy Spirit as the ministry of the Word and prayer went forth.
     Testimonies of healing and deliverance blessed us as the altar times were filled each night as Gods love reached into many peoples lives.   
      It is a blessed time to be in the Kingdom of as He has promised in the last days to pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh.Where the people of God gather He manifests Himself mightily, able to meet every need.
      Caleb didn't back down from taking the mountain and the same may be said of Max as there is still a great work weighing on and standing before him to which he has accepted call.
      We were stirred by the message of God`s servant but also by his sacrificial life to GO into all the world and preach the Gospel.
     The torch must be picked up and with Joy carried by God's people into the highways and byways before our precious Lord returns.
      In this late hour the work is large but our God is greater for there is still power in Christ's blood, fire in the Holy Ghost and life in His resurrection.
         Pastor Lonnie Sims, The Well