Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pastor Max Solbrekken on Visjon Norge TV Nightly: REVIVAL BLESSINGS FLOW IN NORWAY

                         PERSONAL FROM MAX SOLBREKKEN - June 4. 2012

Dear Friends:  
Please pray for me - I had an urgent call to minister over Visjon Norge TV in Norway reaching several hundred thousands nightly across Norway, Sweden, Denmark & Finland.  
After preaching at a Divine Healing Crusade from 6 to 8, I minister on LIVE TV for 2 to 3 hours and we are receiving between 500 - 1000 requests for prayer by telephone or e-mail each evening. It is awesome and I can't wait to set up such an operation in Canada.!!!!
Donna and I will be back in Saskatoon on June 23 & 24. 

Don't miss hearing John Stuart's amazing testimony on June 9 Saturday 7 pm at Christ the Healer Gospel Church 136 Ave F S Saskatoon. Pastor Gary Littlepine will be preaching Sunday 10:30 & 6:30 pm. 

Pastor Ed & Glenda Bortnick and  the worship team will be ministering at the House of Prayer Gospel Church on Hiway 623 New Sarepta, Alberta each Sun at 11:00 AM
In God's love, mercy & grace, Pastor Max Solbrekken

  My Life was Ruled by Drinking, Violence, Broken Family:                                                                         Then Jesus Saved Me at 1300’ Foot Level in the T3 Mine!                            Says John Stuart, Rosthern SK
 I was saved Oct 28, 1974 in T3 mine at the 1300' foot level. My life had been ruled by drinking, violence, and a broken family. I spent my early days between my father’s home and my mothers. 

My Dad was an honorable man who raised 3 children himself but my mother had seen abuse in her life since a small child. She went from one relationship to another. 

When I found her again at 13 she was with an ex convict and I could come out to her house with a stolen car and a girl, drink all I want and stay. I spent 4 years in the army but left after spending 3 months in a military prison. 

I had to leave London Ontario after marrying my wife because I had seriously hurt a man at a bar. It was only Gods provision that he did not die. 

My grandfather Police Inspector John Stuart had died but an officer remembered my name and told me he was glad that grampa did not see what a piece of garbage I had turned into. 

The officer said he would put me away for 5 years if I stayed in London even if he could not prove this situation , as no one would testify against me. 

My stepfather’s nephew was head of a bike gang at that time and I was using that family name so people stayed away from you. The night I came to the Lord my mine foreman had been praying for me without my knowledge for a week. 

When he shared with me that Friday night in the stope I had an experience with the Lord when he left me there. I knelt at a large rock and shut my light out and said , "God I don't know if you are really there like Brian said but if you are I need you." 

His presence became real ight there, I felt his hand on my shoulder and a voice within me saying , Everything is going to be okay and you don't need to drink anymore. 

I left the mine 11 pm Friday night and drove past the hotel and knew I would not go in there again. I never have had a drink since. The Lord used Garry Childerhose very much to help me heal and get solid ground under me. 

My wife thought I was on drugs, she had never seen me sober and straight home on a Friday night. Our lives began to change.