Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is it 'AMATEUR HOUR' again at the White House, doing anything to get those large homosexual donations or is it the 'Real Obama' showing his disgust for everything the USA has held dear for more than 2 centuries? Or has 'The Amateur' been influenced by his young daughters once more? Or has his thinking been compromised by all the DOPE he smoked in his younger years? His position on homosexuals in the Boy Scouts is disgusting.!!! - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Chuck Norris Chops White House Over Boy Scouts Policy
Wednesday, 27 Jun 2012 12:08 PM
By Newsmax Wires
Conservative actor Chuck Norris has harsh words for the Obama administration over the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA’s) policy concerning gays.

The Scouts forbid "open or avowed" homosexuals from occupying leadership roles in its Scouting program.

Norris, writing for, speculates that the White House influenced BSA board member James Turley in his promise this month to work within the BSA to reverse its policy excluding gays. Turley is CEO of accounting titan Ernst & Young.

“Is it a coincidence that Turley is in tight cahoots with the White House and that he is the only BSA national board member in 100 years to oppose its pro-traditional family stance?” Norris writes in his column titled "Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?"

In light of Turley’s announcement that he’s leaving his position at Ernst & Young next year, the “Walker, Texas Ranger” star writes, “Is it a coincidence that Turley just announced his resignation as CEO of Ernst & Young and that he is now offering the White House a parting pro-gay BSA gift in gratitude for all its presidential favors to him and Ernst & Young over the past few years?”

Norris goes after Obama too — for keeping his distance from the BSA. "Hasn’t America reached a new low in its history when its president (and the honorary president of the BSA!) distances himself and his administration from the Boy Scouts of America yet invites groups such as the Secular Student Alliance to participate in its faith and college missions?"

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