Thursday, June 7, 2012

GOD'S GRACE IN ACTION.!!! In !988, Dean Millet was on his way to commit suicide. He was filled with alcohol and drugs. He had done every perverted and evil act except murder. Instead of driving into an oncoming vehicle he turned off the highway to the Pentecostal Camp Ground where I was preaching (seven miles from Lewisporte Newfoundland) That evening I had the privilege of casting the foul demons out of him as he bellowed like a bull, his face purple and his tongue v-shaped went in and out like machine gun. When the demons shook him and come out of him he rose to his feet weeping and calling out to God in Jesus' name for mercy and forgiveness. What a miracle! Now, he leads youth meetings with thousands of conversions to Christ in the country of Peru! All glory and praise to Jesus Christ the LAMB OF GOD slain for our sinsa nd raised again for our justification. Amen. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

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Dean Milley <[email protected]>
 Wednesday, June 6, 2012 11:20 a
MAX SOLBREKKEN <[email protected]> 

Hi Pastor Max & Donna,

My prayers are with you and I know that God will continue to use you in the way He always uses you but even in a more powerful way than always!  

God bless you and may you experience His richest supply ministering there in Norway at this time.  WOW! Wish I was there with you both experiencing the great things God is doing through you both.

Here in Peru, its great.  

This past year we seen over 20 000 come to Christ.  Isn't that amazing!  God is really moving by His great power here in Peru.  9000 of these came to Christ in a week long Missionary campaign in the Provinces of Peru that we were a part of.  It was amazing Pastor Max!  You would have enjoyed being here I am sure!

Maybe another time I can come with you to Norway.  I would love being a pat of ministry with you there.

We will be ministering live on the net on Sunday morning at 9 am here in Peru.  I will have a translator when I preach.  The link to the site is:   .  If you like to join us for the service  when you get to the site press on, "Transmison en Vivo click aqui" that will bring to the live service.

Gods Richest blessing to you both !!

Love and prayers in Christ Service,
Dean and Ruth


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