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Now we know why the U,S. President made his decision to push for same-sex marriage to become legal. He received expert advise from his young daughters. It makes you wonder what he is smoking these days. The question remains, "Are the American people totally deceived or does their remain any grey matter left in that great country. It is almost MIDNIGHT for the USA. Lets us all pray that sanity will return to AMERICA and that they will fall on their faces and ask for the mercy of God before they go under!- Pastor Max Solbrekken

BREAKING: Barack Obama’s Drug Abuse As A Teen

MAY 25, 2012 4:44 PM
It must be a fairly widespread understanding that Barack Obama’s history is fairly unknown. The man that became the 44th President of the United States did so after serving less than one term at the federal government level, so its not like Americans have any sort of background on the guy.
That has been changing recently, and now more and more journalists have become interested in researching this mysterious man that has captivated Americans for better or worse.
David Maraniss recently finished writing a biography entitled “Barack Obama: The Story” that delves farther into Obama’s life that we have previously seen. The book is based on factual events and interviews from those who have known Obama before he was tossed into the public eye.
In his 1995 memoir ‘Dreams of My Father,’ Obama writes about smoking pot almost like Dr. Seuss wrote about eating green eggs and ham. As a high school kid, Obama wrote, he would smoke in a white classmate’s sparkling new van,’ he would smoke ‘in the dorm room of some brother’ and he would smoke ‘on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids.’
He would smoke it here and there. He would smoke it anywhere.
Now a soon-to-be published biography by David Maraniss entitled “Barack Obama: The Story” gives more detail on Obama’s pot-smoking days, complete with testimonials from young Barry Obama’s high school buddies, a group that went by the name ‘the Choom Gang.’ Choom was slang for smoking marijuana.”
He goes on further to point out that Obama was not just any ‘midnight toker,’ but was known “for starting a few pot-smoking trends.”
Barry, as the President was known as in high school, was engaged in a method he created, called “Total Absorption” or “TA” for short.
“TA was the opposite of Bill Clinton’s claim that as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford he smoked dope but never inhaled,” explains Maraniss. Here’s how it worked: If you exhaled prematurely when you were with the Choom Gang, “you were assessed a penalty and your turn was skipped the next time the joint came around.”
As one of Obama’s old high school buddies tells Maraniss: “Wasting good bud smoke was not tolerated.”
But the Thomas Edison of smoking weed did not stop innovating there, for “TA” alone could not satisfy him. He was the father of “Roof Hits.”
“When they were chooming in a car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.”
The methods alone could not satisfy the high-hungry Barry, so his friends coined his signature move, the “interception.” As he and the ‘choom gang’ passed a joint around a circle, Barry often “elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘Intercepted!,’ and took an extra hit.”
According to Maraniss, the society in which Barry grew up was a haven for pot-smoking; various strands of marijuana grew all over the tropical island including “Maui Wowie, Kauai Electric, Puna Bud,” along with several more variations.
Obama and his friends never officially got in trouble, but they sure came close:
Of course, smoking, drinking and driving on mountain roads could also be a little dangerous. Especially the night they tried drag racing.
The race to the top of Mount Tantalus pitted the “Choomwagon” against another friend’s Toyota. Obama was in the Toyota. The Choomwagon made it to the top first. When the other car didn’t show up, those in the Choomwagon drove back down to find them. Here’s how Maraniss describes what happened next:
“On the way down, they saw a figure who appeared to be staggering up the road. It was Barry Obama. What was going on? As they drew closer, they noticed that he was laughing so hard he could barely stand up.”
His friend had rolled the car. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. And, amazingly, they avoided trouble by leaving the driver alone to deal with the police by claiming it was just an unfortunate “mishap.”
Boy, oh boy. How is this going to play out for Mr. Barry Obama?

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