Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barack Obama — by his own admission and according to testimony of former high school friends a major pothead and user of other drugs

How Did Stoner Obama Get Into College?
posted on May 26, 2012 by Tad Cronn
I don’t normally like to write headlines with question marks in them, but there are many questions about how exactly Barack Obama by his own admission and according to testimony of former high school friends a major pothead and user of other drugs — got into Columbia and Harvard.
Because Obama has refused to release his school records as other presidents have done, it’s difficult to know for certain who pulled strings for Obama and what exactly they did.

But that there were strings pulled is a certainty.

According to a new biography of Obama by Pulitzer-winning journalist David Maraniss, the future president was a serious drug addict in his high school days. In fact, his exploits with his fellow druggies, called the “Choom Gang,” were so extreme that it seems a long shot at best that such a student would be able to get into schools like Columbia and Harvard.

According to a recent story in World Net Daily, former postman Allen Hulton used to deliver the mail to the parents of Bill Ayers. Ayers is the Weather Underground terrorist who helped kick off Obama’s political career by holding a fundraiser in his living room, who also served on several committees with Obama and who probably ghost wrote Obama’s books, but whom Obama claims to barely know.

Ayers’ parents told their mailman, Hulton, that they were helping to put a foreign student from Kenya through college. Hulton also says he once met this young student, whom he believes was Barack Obama, and when asked about his plans for the future, the man said very confidently that he was going to be president.

The Ayers family apparently is prominent not only in Chicago society but in Communist circles, and we also know that Obama’s mentor during his drug-addled youth was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist poet and drug dealer who was friends with Obama’s grandfather, according to Obama’s own books. Film maker Joel Gilbert, who is releasing a documentary this summer, believes Davis may have been Obama’s real father.

Is there a connection there? Did Davis know the Ayerses and help his apprentice-perhaps-son get into university through them?

Then there’s the Saudi royal family connection. How exactly the Saudis and Communists mesh isn’t clear, but it is known, thanks to a story buried in the New York Times, that Khalid al-Mansour, a close adviser to Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin-Talal and mentor to the founders of the original Black Panther party, solicited letters of recommendation to help Obama get into Harvard.

The Saudi royals have been large benefactors of Harvard and other schools.

Since getting into office, Obama’s administration has been notably favorable toward the New Black Panther party. Is there a connection that leads through the American Communist party, the Black Panthers and to the Saudi royal family?

These are all pieces of a puzzle that still has many pieces missing.