Friday, December 29, 2023


                                    Max Solbrekken praying in Gethsemane

                              MY TESTIMONY OF PRAYER                                                by Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.

Over the years I have made a practice of writing on paper some of my prayers to God. Here is one of sigificence I prayed on December 11, 2019:

 With gratitude and godly fear for His goodness to me over the past many years, I now make my testimony and put pen to my prayer in Jesus' Name. After  serving our Lord for seventy years and in His Ministry for 60 years, my heart is filled with love and wondernent at His call on my heart and His amazing love toward me!                       

Almighty Eternal God: If it were not for the mercy of God upon a poor lost soul like me, I would not be here today!  When I think of the way He has protected me for so many years, spiritually, mentally, physically, and materially, it is because of His pure compassion, love, and grace!

His gift of mercy, wisdom, and protection is beyond  compare and understanding. If it were not for His love, where would any one of us be? His grace goes beyond the limits of human comprehension!

How could I ever thank Him enough for saving  me, filling me with the Holy Spirit and giving me eternal life!

I was nothing when He found me. And I am still nothing, without Jesus my Saviour. I don’t deserve any of His goodness, mercy, and spiritual gifts that He has bestowed upon and showered me with!

Thank You Heavenly Father, for being so merciful and kind to Me and my family! By Your grace I will continue to serve You in whatever capacity You see fit. Lead me by your Holy Spirit!


Thank You  for opening Your Holy Word to me in such marvellous and copious ways, which truly amazes me, for in myself I know nothing as I should know it. Your imparted wisdom astounds me and the knowledge You have opened up to me, continues to bless me.

Please grant unto me Your Spiritual Gifts in a greater measure, as You see fit. Lead me, precious Holy Spirit into a deeper walk with You for the honour and glory of my Saviour Jesus Christ.

I will continue to praise you for time and eternity, for the great compassion and care You have so graciously blessed me with over these many years of serving You! Please continue to bless my precious wife Donna and me with health and strength and guidance in all things. Please bless, protect and heal our children, grand and great grandchildren with your mercy, grace, love and spiritual gifts!

And may Your saving, healing, and guiding hand bless all our friends and others who read  these words. In Jesus’ Name. Nothing in my hand I bring. Simply to Thy cross I cling. My only plea, Christ died for me. Take me as I am! Amen.

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