Friday, September 15, 2023


Walking Close to the Edge

by Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.

It was a beautiful Spring Day in April 2017. Six young hikers were enjoying their walk on top of Mount Harvey north of Vancouver, British Columbia. One hiker fell behind. When he arrived at the summit, his friends were not there. The five had stepped onto a large ledge (cornice) and it broke loose plunging them 500 meters down to the ground and their death.

 It was such a tragedy! Those hikers didn't realize the serious situation they were walking until it was too late.  The young men were unsuspecting, thinking that they were on solid ground. Gradually, they moved from safety to uncertainty. Then suddenly, the end came!

Unfortunately, there are many people today who in a spiritual sense, are “walking too close to the edge” and are unknowingly in great danger in their personal lives and even their soul's salvation! They feel they are alright but have left God out of their lives. They have in their own minds constructed a new theology, a feel-good religion of being kind to their neighbour or protecting the environment.


What a shock for them when they finally stand before the Living God for judgment, without the covering of Jesus' blood and the assurance of Eternal Life! A ticket of 'Good Works' is worthless without the Salvation of God that is given us through Jesus Christ alone!

There are a lot of young people who fall into a similar trap.  In their quest for action and fulfillment, they will try anything different, trust a new acquaintance, or get hooked on dangerous drugs! Many become obsessed with lustful habits, involved in illicit sex, drunken parties, gambling, or crime!

Others are seduced by the spirit of the Occult and become deceived by demons of witchcraft, spiritism, mind reading, clairvoyance, yoga, and spirit travel. Demons of Suicide prey on the minds of the simple, until 'a Lying Spirit' convinces them to do it, luring them to a devil's Hell forever.

Multitudes have lost their way in the fog of political correctness and in a spiritual sense, have fallen off a cliff because the ground where they were walking was unsafe, shaky, and treacherous. The tragedy is that many are ignorant of the pitfalls and the fact that they are throwing away their lives by listening to the Tempter.


Eve thought she was listening to a very intelligent, and honest being when she heard Lucifer talking to her through the voice of the serpent. She was deceived and got Adam to partake of the forbidden fruit, thereby plunging the entire human race into rebellion, chaos, and wickedness. Listening to that evil, lying voice was the greatest tragedy ever to befall mortal man!

Many more are being deceived today in the same way. They think they hear knowledgeable voices telling them they will get rich if they spend more time at the casino. One more poker game and they will reclaim everything they lost. One more throw of the dice or one more night of revelry and everything will change for them. It was the voice of Satan, the Liar!


During the early days of the USA and the opening of the Western frontier, the Stagecoach was the fashionable way to travel. Amazing stories were often told of the expert drivers who would maneuver the winding mountainous trails, driving four horses at top speed. An error by the driver could send the stagecoach and the passengers over the edge!

An advertisement had been placed in the newspaper that a representative of the Stagecoach would be interviewing prospective drivers at the hotel at a certain hour. Three applicants arrived at the given hour and were interviewed one by one. Finally, the last driver took a seat as the interview began. The representative began by talking about the great horses and stagecoaches they owned, their record of safety, and being on schedule.

Then he asked pointedly: “There is a very winding road up in the mountain pass. Looking over the edge, it's hard to see the bottom. Have you ever driven on such a road.”? The driver nodded that he had. The interviewer said: “I've asked the other drivers, how near could they come to the edge of the road at a full gallop and still be safe. One said that he could drive within two feet of the edge and the other said that he could come within 12 inches.”

The young driver stood to his feet, put the hat on his head, and said, “Excuse me, sir, I am not your man. I would stay as far away from the edge of that road as I could.” As he was walking toward the door, the Stagecoach Representative jumped up, saying, “Stop. You are the man we want. You have the job.”


In 1924, Charles E. Moody wrote the beautiful Gospel song, You're drifting too far from the shore? It has been popularized by many singers such as Hank Snow, Vince Gill, Dolly Parton, and others. Here are some of Charles Moody's wonderful lyrics:

Out on the perilous deep

Where danger silently creeps

 And storms so violently sweeping

 You're drifting too far from shore

Drifting too far from shore

 You're drifting too far from shore

 Come to Jesus today

 Let Him show you the way

  You're drifting too far from shore

  Today, The Tempest rose high

  And clouds overshadowed the sky

  Sure death is hovering nigh

  You're drifting too far from shore.

What an amazingly true statement! Far too many have loosed from their moorings and are drifting toward open seas with no compass and no map. Jesus is our Way Maker, His Word our compass and guide.

To the multitudes who have thrown caution to the wind, thumbed their noses at moral norms, and are now in big trouble, there is still hope for you. If you call out to Jesus Christ for deliverance, He will answer you. He will rescue you from the angry waves. He will liberate you from the powers of sin, fear, sickness, and evil spirits.

You will become a new creature in Christ Jesus. He will wash you in His blood, forgive your sins, remove the fear, and fill you with His blessed Holy Spirit! JESUS will give you His peace!

If you do not, you will continue drifting farther from the shore and the waves of fear, bondage, despair, despondency, and confusion will overtake you and you may never come back.

Dear friend, if I have described your situation, remember Jesus waits for your call at this very moment. He invites: “Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.(Matt.11:28).  Again, He said: “All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me; and him that cometh unto Me, I will in wise cast out.” (John 6:37).

There is only ONE that has the mercy and grace to reach out to you and the power to liberate you! He said: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” (John 14: 6). Amen.

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